Monday, April 23, 2007

Welcome To Take A Chance You Stupid Ho

Dear Readers,

Believe it or not, but the girl who doesn't own a DVD player or even a digital camera now has her own blog.

Yes, its true, Jenni B is leaving us. Despite my protestations and maligning of Singapore, Jen has decided to put her career before me and come this June, she will be hopping a junk junk to SingSing. Yes as usual she is thinking of herself first, that thoughtless little pig.

But fear not, we will have this blog to keep us up to date on all her doings. Jen swears she is buying a digital camera so we can all see what this strange country looks like through her eyes, which I guess means we will be seeing a lot of bars and night clubs. She has even foolishly given me permission to post here, so I'll be able to publish her drunken voice mails.

On a serious note, I'm sure you will all miss Jen as much as I will. Anyone who has never met her will have to take my word for it. But the sad fact is, Jen is ready to jump and seeing how she has dropped her panties from New York to LA and all across Europe, I guess its only fair that she show the folks of Asia a good time as well.

So join me is wishing Jen luck. Be ready for a month of going away celebrations and check back here often once Jen moves where I'm sure we will be reading lots of titillating stories and see oodles of terrific pictures like the following one I took of Jen with her new (they met 30 minutes prior to the picture being taken) friend on Saturday night at Stereo.

- Jeff