Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bad Boys..Bad Boys..Whatcha Gonna Do..

Most of you have seen the pictures on Facebook but if you haven’t (Mel) here are some for your perusal! Needless to say the weekend was pretty wild. It all began at 7:30 am breakfast in the hotel restaurant dressed in our cop uniforms, I was thinking we should have went to a coffee and donut place so we could really get into character but oh well. We arrived at our friend’s Jarad’s apartment so the boys could get into costume and I realize I didn’t have my tickets so I hopped in a cab and sped off back to the hotel, think the uniform came in handy here as the driver was properly speeding.

Finally I reached the stadium and it was time to start the day….with a liter of bloody mary…1 LITER! Believe me I paid for that one the rest of the weekend...the first time I peed (sober) I thought someone opened a jar of tomato sauce in the bathroom..gross I know but I had to give you the visual!

The day ended at about 9:30pm when we got back to the hotel…at midnight I realized I had only eaten one meal (forget the millions of calories of booze consumed) that day so insisted we go on the hunt for food.. picture it me in my running gear (sans bra) walking the streets of Hong Kong searching for nourishment..we finally found our beacon in the night..yes you guessed it the golden arches (so un-jenniB I know). We get in line and order our small feast. As Phil was waiting for the food I yelled..thank god I just went for that long run so I can eat now…wonder if I fooled anyone?? Doubtful.

All and all it was a good weekend but if I hear arrest me officer one more time I will die.

Pippa, Me and Maree

The Girls and the "Girls"

Happy or loaded - you decide

It's 4:20...gotta go!