Monday, November 17, 2008


To celebrate the release of the new James Bond flick the Singapore gang decided to get together and head to the cinema. Sounds normal even rather boring to some right?? Well, let's keep in mind that this is the crew that had me riding a motorcycle dressed as Madonna!

Toby reserved an entire, posh gold class theater (see previous gold class post) with the rule you could only attend by dressing as your favorite Bond character. This right here was a problem for me as I have only seen one Bond film…and that was the last one!! The only images that came to mind were the white bikini clad woman and the orange bikini clad Hallie Barry. [inside head] “why don’t I go to the gym 5 times a day” “why did I just those cookies” BIKINIS OUT!

So after many hours searching the web (read procrastinating at work) I found my Bond villain…MAY DAY from View to a Kill (Grace Jones). After all the drama it was easy to pull off with a purple headscarf and A LOT of makeup!

Here are some pictures to enjoy.

Me & Phil

Phil and Stefan

Hannah in her inflatable suit


"shark" & "dolly"

And one of my favorites...Rhys..looking at his profile during the movie made me laugh so hard!

This brings me to my next thought which is…since living here I have seen a lot more movies than I ever did in NYC, maybe it’s the Gold Class or dating someone but I have decided to get all Gene Shallot on you and bring you an ongoing piece…Movie time (not to be confused with hammer time)with Jenni B [better name to come…open to suggestions!

Rating system:
4 wine glasses = a must see, stop reading this blog and head to your local theater or on-demand button!
3 wine glasses = Very good but don’t cancel plans to watch
2 wine glasses = my glass in almost empty
1 wine glass = go to the gym!
0 glasses – it was probably Sci-Fi or animated

New Bond Flick (can’t remember the name..Quantum something..)
Rating: 2 glasses.

As I previously mentioned I am no Bond expert but this movies was no crowd pleaser! I know at least two other friends who fell asleep during the movie…asleep during a Bond movie????..that just does not sound right. It may have been the flowing wine that had me and others a bit confused and sleepy but that is still no excuse. Plus I thought Daniel Craig was super H-O-T in the last one and he just did not cut it this time…disappointing!

Jenni “pull up to the bumper baby” B

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Goodnight Jugdish!

For those of you who are true Seinfeld fans, you know what that title refers to and what this post will be about! For you losers that don't well you will just have to figure it out (won't be hard).

Today is my first day in India, Mumbai. First impression..flippen HOT! Didn't think it got much hotter than Singapore but I was wrong! Since I am here for business, I am staying at a really nice place. So I arrive and am greated by the hotel manager (fellow event planners know the drill) and he leads me to my room. He opens the door and the curtains automatically open revealing a very beautiful view of the ocean (from the door) as I get closer I realize that the real view is the abandoned hotel across the street (empty eroding pool included) This stunning structure is set upon the "beach" which actually looks like tar but seems to attract handholding lovers and families out for a day at the beach. I notice that if I sit on my bed and look out the window all I see is the ocean so I think that will be my seat of choice.

Disappointly, I was due to arrive this morning and head out for a fancy Indian brunch but my co-worker got bumped off the flight so I have been working all day like a big nerd.

So that is the first impression...more to come!!

Jenni "its in the vault" B (another reference to my fav episode)