Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Just like the Griswalds...

Tonight Phil and I depart for our European Vacation. Knowing the two of us, I am sure some hijinx is certainly ito ensue la the Griswalds.

So here is the itinerary for the next two weeks:

London - 4 days
Paris - 2 days
Chamonix - 2 days
Geneva - 1 night
Barcelona - 4 days

You can imagine my excitment!!

Be prepared for the tons of photos that are sure to be posted upon my return..oh crap I think I forgot my camera.

Jenni "Bon Voyage" B

Thursday, August 21, 2008

This is Rich...

Below is a excerpt from Singapore's Prime Minister Lee's National Day celebration speech. This was the third point of his speech. I love e. Classic! Transcript in outline form so may read a bit strange.


First step is to find the right partner and get married I am not an expert but consulted those with experience, i.e. the matchmakers. We have SDU, SdS, and many private dating agencies. I talked to several of them. We had a lively exchange and I learnt a lot

Let me summarise the main learning points

a. Many singles do want to get married
They are serious, and not just out to have a good time. But they face difficulties.

b. Some have never dated
Once they start work and settle into a routine, no opportunities to socialise and meet new people

Conversation one matchmaker had with his client

Q: What do you usually do after work?
A: Go to the gym
Q: How about the weekends?
A: Stay at home with family
Q: Do you go out?
A: Yes, bring nieces and nephews out to play
Q: Have you met any new friends in the last week?
A: [Dead silence]
Q: How about the last 1 month?
A: [Dead silence again]

i. Dating agencies say that women in the late 30s have a serious problem

(1) Some men are in their late 30s too

(2) But they are looking for younger women in their 20s

(3) So the older women have difficulties pairing up

ii. Confirmed by what one such lady told me at a dialogue

(1) She had put her career first when she was younger

(2) Later when she wanted to settle down she tried the dating agencies, but had no luck

(3) She regrets her decision now, but still hopes to find someone

d. Good news is that more people are prepared to seek help from dating agencies
. Women are more willing to do so
. Men tend to be more sensitive about their egos

. Most dating agencies have more women than men – 60:40
e. Unfortunately sometimes their social graces are not up to scratch

i. e.g. dating agency arranged for a guy to meet a date

ii. Setting was a romantic dinner at a nice restaurant

iii. But he showed up wearing slippers!

(1) Asked why he did not dress up for the occasion

(2) His reply – this is how I am

(3) After some tactful grooming advice, he made progress and learnt to keep a pair of shoes in the car, and put them on before dates

(4) The couple are now happily married

f. Also need to have realistic expectations

i. Have to make an effort for the relationship to work

ii. Easy to get carried away by romantic images in the movies

(1) Meet someone of your dreams, instantly fall madly in love, get married, live happily ever after

iii. But we are ordinary people in real life

(1) May not have instant sparks on the first date

(2) But take time to discover the person for who he or she is, nurture the relationship, and love may blossom

6. We will do more to help singles get married

a. SDU and SdS are working on this
. They now cater to different markets – graduates and non-graduates
. We should be more flexible
. Will merge SDU and SdS

. Together they will have more critical mass, more activities, and hopefully more pairing up and marriages
b. Some young people prefer to use private dating agencies

i. But they want quality assurance, e.g. to know that it is a reputable dating agency

7. Young people themselves should take the first step, and not leave it too late
. Make time to go out and meet new friends
. Join a dating agency, be it SDU/SdS or a private agency
. You may find someone you are attracted to
. Then you can marry the person you love, and love the person you marry

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tickle the Ivories

Phil and I decided to take in a little culture last night and go see one of the performances of the Beethoven Complete Piano Sonatas series. It was a very nice evening but let me tell you the conclusion I have come to, Beethoven...wait all classical music...has no place in tropical climates. Seriously..hot weather and classical tunes just do not mix. Look at the above picture for example, does that seem right to you? The entire performance all I could think about was the old neighborhood, brownstones, snow falling, warm sweaters, red wine and Christmas trees (that one is a bit strange).

Now I have never been one to listen to classical music other than the very enjoyable trips to the Met but I think I will when I move back. There I will be in huge sweater, huge glass of wine and hopefully it will be snowing..hummm.. the new me sounds kind of boring! Rest assured I have a lot of learning to do before this happened as during intermission I turned to Phil, shared the above thoughts and then announced "I really liked the second song” to which he replied “it’s called a piece babe”


Jenni “full of culture” B

Sound Factory Days...

Boy how things have changed since the good 'ole Sound Factory days, I like boys that actually wear shirts, I sleep on weekends and I don't have a constant boom, boom in my head but boy were those days fun while they lasted. My partner in crime from those days decided it was time to bring me back to my former self and made me a playlist of all SF hits http://www.imeem.com/people/dM0fteI/playlist/jiPgAeuE/jonathan_peters_sound_factory_classics_music_playlist/

Even if you never accompanied us to the guido den, you may reconzie most songs on the list if you ever 1) attended a party in JC 2) partied on a flort 2) attended the gang's NYE party (greatest song in the world) 3) know who Mr. Pinchy is 4) collect wicker baskets 5)know Benny


Jenni "guys this is a great party" B

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Hot off the Press...

More Singapore news:

Roast meats stolen from delivery van

ROAST meats amounting to $270 were stolen from a delivery van early on Thursday morning.
The deliveryman had parked his van at the carpark of Block 252, Jurong East Street 24. He left the van unlocked when he went to deliver some food items to four stalls at a nearby market.

When he returned 10 minutes later, he found 7kg of roast pork, 5kg of barbequed pork and five roast ducks missing from the van.

In another theft, a coffeestall at Block 531A, Upper Cross Street lost $80 worth of cigarettes.

The stallowner, who is in his 50s, locked up and left on Wednesday night.

When he returned at 4.15 am, he found the plastic panel covering the cigarettes on display removed and some packets of cigarettes missing.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Now what am I going to do.....

...with all my spare time??

Playgirl magazine will cease printing issues.

The women's nudie mag, featuring naked menz, will now be rebranded as just a website with pics and video on there.

What next Newsweek??? Jeff how will I get the latest on my favorite dinner topi, Christy Todd Whitman?? Is she still alive.