Friday, December 12, 2008

Sk8ter Boy

[Yes I am an Avril fan)

Ugg...why, why do I let..wait let me stop there..I didn't let him do anything I specifically said, "I like the length but shape it a bit"..yes you guessed it I am talking about my hairstylst [ok breath..long sentence). Ok I will admit I do like to change it up in the hair department and he obviously knows it so thinks he has carte blanche with my 'do. But this time he may have gone too far.

So during the "consultation" he pretended to listen and pretended to agree until I see clumps of my hair fall to the floor....ummm..then he came clean:

Shunji: "I think we should go shorter and have one side longer than the other." [record scratch]

Me: Excuse me??

Shunji: Oh yeah, its the new know that black celebrity has know her name... (think he was talking about Rhianna but can't be sure)

Me: Well I am no celebrity - I work in finance!

Shunji: Finance Celebrity (oh now he is being cute!)

For some reason, I let him carry on.. what is wrong with me??

Well the end result is a modified version of the celebrity cut which has me looking like a skater dude cira 1989. It looks like my stylist forgot to finish the job.

All this right in time for the holiday parties. Fantastic!

Jenni "later dude" B

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Fall Recap

I realized that due to the crazy Fall work schedule I have missed the opportunity to fill you in on some of the things that kept me busy September –December.
First up: Kanye.

Phil bought us ticket (more for me really) to see Kanye rock Singapore. I had read so many great things (on Perez) about the “Glow in the Dark Tour” I was really excited…I imaged costume changes, special effects…the works..well not so much.

Let’s start at the beginning, seeing a concert in Singapore is a pretty cool thing in that the “arena” is pretty small so all seats are good seats..lets see a cross between Hammerstein and Continental Airlines area but closer to I succeeding here?? So we get to our “seats” which were standing floor “seats” and we were so close to the stage and about 10 years older than the fans around us. It was really cool to look around at the crowd as you had your expat group, teenagers and my favorite Indian guys with turbans and Muslim girls with headscarves all sporting the grill glasses (as pictured above). Awesome.

As soon as the lights dimmed, I got so excited then out of the smoke came Kayne at 10feet away…outfit TERRIBLE this is not what I was expecting. To make matters worse he did not change the entire concert..and special effects..strobe lights do not = high tech (all I have to say is thank god I am not epileptic).

Now to the music…I am sure for a true KW fan it was great..but for JB the fair-weather – pop music fan the first hour was a bit boring. Then with about 45 minutes left (I sound like Bob Costas don’t I??) it all changed..the music took a dancey/pop turn and it was AWESOME Phil and I got down (yeah go ‘head get down). The two of us…we can certainly cut a rug!

Finally, the title…”Glow in the Dark” whatever!!! Not one thing was glow in the dark they did give out the glow jelly necklaces/bracelets before the show but security was actually making people take them off. For the record..Phil and I were not sporting the glow jewelry…we are losers but not that bad. We discussed that maybe being such a small venue and Singapore..well being Singapore, some of the effects may have been cut. If anyone has seen it in the US…thoughts?

So in closing and staying true to my movie ratings:

Music: 4 wine glasses (the last 45 minutes def. saved this rating)
Clothes: 0 wine glasses
Stage/special effects: 0 wine glasses

Watching the posh Brit dance to rap: a million glasses

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Mom Jeans

I was at an afternoon bachlorette party on Saturday - yes afternoon as the bride-to-be as well as about 90% of the party just had babies and the conversation went from leaking breast (no interest), the first time you go to the bathroom (#2) after giving birth (slight interest)and the first time you have sex after birth (ok interested) but c'mon where is the "cop" trying to break up the party or the "pizza delivery boy" - "Hey, did someone order a pizza" [cue music]!! I am kidding but you get the idea.

Anyway lost my train of thought - I almost died when one of the girls was like well you won't catch me in mom jeans to which laughed so hard thinking about the SNL skit...seems this was a big hit in Australia too! If you have not seen it, here you go...awesome and so true. Mel this one's for you.
(sorry don't know how to post video)

Mish: better not see you in mom jeans anytime soon.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Mission Accomplished!

Happy to report I completed the ½ marathon (21 K/12 miles) and avoided crapping my pants..Thanks Kelly, after reading your comment on the marathon announcement post, I has a recurring nightmare that would happen!

I completed the race in 2 hours and 28 minutes not the best time but certainly not embarrassing either, please note the time does include a bathroom break in an effort to avoid crapping incident! Thanks to Jackie’s advice of stopping at the water stations, drinking a walking a bit, I ran 20 out of the 21K.

All and all it was a fantastic day and I am so happy to have done it. The best part…it was a free pass to eat anything for the rest of the day. Let me tell you I made up for all the years of not eating pasta in that one weekend!!!

Thanks for the well wishes!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Temporary Insanity

In a moment of temporary insanity I signed up to do the Singapore half marathon like 6 months ago...yeah it was a good idea at the time thinking I had plenty of time to train...well dear readers it is this Sunday and I am in no shape to do it!! Seriously! I ran about 4 miles on Tuesday and just about died so I don't have high hopes for my performance.

If you don't get a Merry Christmas message from me, chances are I died or am still running.

Wish me luck

Jenni "its still exercise if you walk!" B

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Forget the thumbs….Movie Review by JenniB

Still can not think of a better title. I think I need to get insomnia again as that is when I do my best work!

Ok as I mentioned before this will be an ongoing Stupid Ho feature so I hope you find my reviews useful and accurate. I am open to good-natured ribbing if you disagree.

Rating system:
4 wine glasses = a must see, stop reading this blog and head to your local theater or on-demand button!
3 wine glasses = Very good but don’t cancel plans to watch
2 wine glasses = my glass in almost empty
1 wine glass = go to the gym!
0 glasses – it was probably Sci-Fi or animated

Movie: Four Christmases
Cast: Reese Witherspoon, Vince Vaughn, Jon Voight, John Favreu and others
Venue: Regular theater
My Mood: Hung over and very tired
Genre: Comedy

Rating: 1 wine glass

I had such high-hopes for this movie featuring dysfunctional families = priceless (usually). This movie just missed the mark and had so many opportunities to be funny and just fell short. I actually found myself crying (in a sad way) at one point…that to me people is no comedy..ok I am a hyper-sensitive person but come on! There were a couple of moments that made me giggle such as the photo album of Reese’s character but that just wasn’t enough. Save your $$..actually put in a jar labeled “Visit JenniB fund”

One thing that worries me is the ending, it leaves an opening for a sequel…Hollywood if you are listening..Save your money and send it to my friends for the visit JenniB fund!

PS I have purposefully not mentioned Thanksgiving as there will be a proper post as soon as I get my hands on the pictures.