Thursday, January 22, 2009

Days 3-11 ~ GONE SKIING (Day 2 wrap-up below)

Days 1 & 2 stressed me out so I am taking a vacation…Just kidding. I am heading to Hakuba, Japan for 6 days of skiing and then two days of touring Tokyo. We have Monday and Tuesday off for the New Year so 8 days of vacation and only taking 3 days out of my allocation…oh yeah! I love it when a plan comes together!

“See ya’" when I get back

SASHIMI!!! (only Japanese word I know)

Day 2...

Day 2 was a very exciting day at the Company…major changes underway which I hope are for the good. Once the excitement simmered down it was time for lunch and a quick shopping trip to get the last of the items required for my upcoming trip. On the way back to the office from said shopping trip, I had a very crazy cab driver. I should have been tipped off as I when I got in the car he was doing some serious head banging to very slow, traditional Chinese music. About 2 minutes into the ride he started yelling FUCK, FUCK, FUCK…I braced myself for the head-on collision that was sure to follow such an outburst only to realize we were cruising along no accident in sight. This 3 word mantra continued in 30 second intervals for the remainder of the trip. Once I got used to the “background noise” I was able to focus on the activities happening on the streets. As we drove through the Chinatown section I was admiring how “dressed up” the neighborhood was for the upcoming Chinese New Year celebration, welcoming the year of the Ox. Funny that the year of the Ox mascot dotted throughout the city (think the big inflatable protest rat found outside of some NYC office buildings) bears an uncanny resemblance to Bullwinckle.

Tonight early dinner with friends and early to bed for early flight.

I leave you with this question: Why do people gargle water, mouthwash etc? What purpose does it serve?

Day 1

Day 1 got off to a very bad start… I could not sleep last night and when I did I had a terrible, terrible nightmare, the kind of nightmare that has you waking up and having to repeat…”it was only a dream”, it was only a dream” until you slowly convince yourself. One realization I came to while trying to get some sleep was that I am actually going to be 35 this year as opposed to the 34 I have been telling everyone..seriously there I was actually doing the math in bed 1974…1984…1994…2004…2009.. yep 35! This was a complete shock..god I am old. Perhaps this bought of insomnia and horrible dreams was a result of the anxiety of having to tell you all about the next 100 days…god how must Obama feel. I hope he really knows his age cause that one threw me for a loop.

Ok so after pulling myself out of bed, close to tears, I had to quickly get dressed and hop in a cab to meet potential new boss (PNB) at potential new office (not leaving current job [I hope] but most of you know the deal). I was stuck waiting in the lobby for 15 minutes next to some techy geek playing a very loud and very annoying video game..I was this close to shoving it up his ass! PNB arrived with potential new co-worker (PNCW) and the tour began. Pretty cool space..they have a huge associate lounge with pool table, fooze ball (is that how you spell it) tables, tv’s and FREE BEVERAGES…I could get used to this!!

Coming back to this drab, quiet office I was a bit depressed and spent some time daydreaming of fooze ball tournaments, lunches and tomfoolery with my PNCW’s then was slapped back to reality by a mandatory 4pm meeting…hummm what could this be about??? Me and current co-worker spent the remainder of our lunch time speculating….but back to business and before the 4pm I have some project plans to create, budgets to prepare and a very exciting investigation as to why an expense failed to hit the 2008 budget and is now appearing in 2009…the charge $1,500 – get over it!

4pm meeting…so mad and angry right now but not getting into it – This information is classified and it sucks. I should have pocketed aforementioned $1,500.

Based on the briefing (see how presidential I am) at 4pm I was ready for a drink and thankfully scheduled to attend some leaving drinks for a co-worker who is being relocated to Hong Kong. So I spent the rest of the afternoon pissed off and counting down the minutes until happy hour.

I plan to end day 1 with a swim and some packing…

Until day 2….

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The First 100 Days....

Wow! I have stated here that I am not really a political person but I was brought very close to tears watching Obama being sworn in as the 44th president of the United States..perhaps it was not the emotion that nearly brought my eyes to overflow but the strain of trying to spot Cyndi in the crowd a la Where’s Waldo.

Seriously, as many people around the world brace for the changes that will occur once he takes office, I can’t help but feel really sorry for the guy, talk about pressure. I just feel that he is doomed to fail his first 100 days “report card” not because he won’t be doing a good job but because so much is resting on his shoulders. In the best of times the first 100 days is hard and as we all know this is far from good times. I could never and would never want to be president…

To prove that I would never make a good president I JenniB, will track for you my first 100 days of Obama’s presidency.. tales of exorbitant wine consumption, vacations, gym classes, pool time to follow. Brace yourself!

And B.O….good luck and God Speed…I am rooting for you!!

Wait!! does the 100 days start from the 20 or the 21??? I will start on the 21st…see already procrastinating.

Jenni “more like G. Bush than you know” B

Oh… open letter to Michelle..I think you need a new that’s a job I could do. CG , resume to follow.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Movie Time with JenniB

Here we go again!

Rating system:
4 wine glasses = a must see, stop reading this blog and head to your local theater or on-demand button!
3 wine glasses = Very good but don’t cancel plans to watch
2 wine glasses = my glass in almost empty
1 wine glass = go to the gym!
0 glasses – it was probably Sci-Fi or animated

Movie: See above
Cast: Anne Hathaway, Deborah Winger and a bunch of other randoms
Venue: Regular theater
My Mood: Burnt by the Sun
Genre: Drama

JenniB’s Rating = 1 Glass of Wine

After reading all the rave reviews of Anne Hathaway’s performance,I had high expectations for this one but was once again let down. This movie was so random. Some of the scene’s, ie rehearsal dinner, wedding reception were just too unnecessarily long. Can anyone explain the Indian wedding theme…trying to figure that one out.

Anne did give a great performance as Kim, the just released from rehab drug addict but the character itself really annoyed me and left me thinking how can someone be so selfish..guess that’s the point. I was so annoyed with the movie that about 10 minutes from the end I turned to my movie companion and said “would she kill herself already” SPOILER ALERT…disappointing…she does not!

I mentioned the random cast of characters and that was the one thing that kept me somewhat interested in the story…it was comical to just watch them in the background…and the fiancĂ© what’s up with him??

Perhaps there is some deep meaning to all of it that I am clearly missing..if so, someone enlighten me!

Ok so there you have it another disappointing night at the movies.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Thursday, January 15, 2009

LOL’s (does not stand for lots of love)

Ok first of all – TGIF!! I love Fridays – don’t you??

So I have to fill you in on a very funny story (at least I think it is) that my friend Helen told me today. Helen is the girl from the westsuits are dangerous post – the one who had my sweaty butt cheek against her face so you know she is quite funny and a very good sport. Helen and I work for the same company, she’s a brit and we arrived here about the same time. Ok enough background info.

It’s lunch time, I have my gym bag on my shoulder ready to head out the door and she sends me a same time message asking me to have lunch with her that she needs a glass of wine. About 2 seconds go by where I actually consider not answering and heading for the gym but I quickly got a hold of myself, dropped the gym bag and said I would meet her in the lobby in 2.

We get to our favorite, boozy lunch (hey its Friday) destination and the following conversation followed:

Helen: Oh god I made an ass out of myself
Me: [laughing] What happened?
Helen: Well, I was on a call with my manager’s manager in the US and about 20 other people in the US and at the end of the call she was like “so Helen this will be the last time we speak before Chinese New Year.”
[apparently the manager’s manager went into the whole background of the Chinese calendar]
[more background – Helen has not exactly embraced Singaporean/Asian culture]

Manager’s Manager: So Helen what is 2009 the year of??
Helen: [sweating] Ummm…Ummm… well…. [she had no idea – she tells me all she could think about was her vacation to Australia]
Manager’s Manager: Helen I think it’s the OX [Helen heard this as fox]
Helen: oh yeah that’s right it’s the year of the Fox…yup…
Some associate in Miami: Umm…Helen its an Ox not a fox.
Call ends
Helen: I wonder if I will get fired for not knowing???

Well let me tell you to hear her tell the story is priceless…could you imagine?? I was dying for the rest of the lunch and still laughing typing this email (maybe I’m drunk). Sad thing, I could totally imagine this happening to me!

Happy weekend!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

TTT - Two Trivia Tidbits...

1) Did you know that Michigan was the first state to snow plow its roads and the first to initiate the yellow divider line?

2) Did you you that not one Rolls Royce was sold in the United States in December 2008?

Now don't say reading this blog is not educational!

Jenni "in the know" B

Monday, January 12, 2009

Healthy Start...

This is the email that awaits me this morning as I sit down at my desk:

Hi All,

Starting the year on a healthy note...

We are very pleased to deliver to our associates *FrUiTs*! Starting this Wednesday, 14th Jan 11am. Each will receive an apple, orange, pear and plum all nicely packed into a bag for consumption at your own pleasure. This Fruits delivery will continue on a forthnightly basis - 14 Jan, 4 Feb, 18 Feb and ending in 4 Mar.

We hope you will enjoy it! Have a healthy year ahead!

Don't you love the fancy way they wrote fruits?? This fruits delivery???

This email did include photos of various vacuum packed fruits but I could not get them to save for some reason to post here.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Humm..why do I feel Rita was involved?

Rita you were in Vail for New Year's.....


It looks like a certain skier will be making a load of money off of a Vail, Colorado ski resort!
The Smoking Gun is reporting that an unnamed skier was the victim of a freak ski lift accident on New Year's day.
This all went down at Vail's Blue Sky Basin ski slope.
Apparently, the victim, a 48-year old skier, boarded the resort's high-speed chairlift and the chairlift's fold-down seat was somehow not in the lowered position, which caused the man to partially fall through the resulting gap.
Luckily, his right ski got jammed in the chairlift, and that kept him from falling through since his boot never unhooked from its binding!
The photos above were taken by fellow skiers.
We want to know how the poor guy lost his pants!!
The victim was stuck for about 15 minutes before the resort people were able to get him down.
A resort press release did not explain how the mishap occurred, only that "the man was caught on the chair."
What a nightmare!

Saturday, January 3, 2009


Happy New Year! Unlike the past, I think 8 years, of ringing in the new year by dancing to the "greatest song in the world" with the NY/PHILLY crew, I celebrated the arrival of 2009 dancing to Donna Summer's Bad Girls with Mel, Chris, Christopher, Robin, Abby, Christian and Adian..(who knew Robin was such a Donna Summer fan??) sporting 2009 glasses and quite frankly it was one of the best. Yes, there were no "let's take off our pants" moments but this was one of the best for a very different reason. It was wonderful to be with my family.

The end of 2008 turned out to be not what I expected but out of this came the realization that no matter how bad things may seem, my parents, sister(s), brothers, friends - new and old - are there and that makes me the luckest person ever! That being said - thank you!

Even though I was very successful with last year's resolution - climbing a mountain -I have decided to forget a list of resolutions (drink less, exercise more blah, blah) and focus on putting things into perspective and keeping sight of what really matters and friends. It is very easy to lose sight as we worry about relationships, job security, and the overall dire state of the economy but when those things do fail...what are we left with?? Family and friends!!! Oh god how easy is it to take these two for granted, especially when you are as self involved as I am (check on the self realization huh?).

I truly hope that 2009 brings to you all that you wish for but when it does not...I am here for you!

Love you all!