Friday, August 14, 2009


So I find myself in India once again for business actually this is going to be happening a lot as this is now my responsibility. Of all the places that I have travelling this is by far the most foreign. It is just different – very different – I am not saying all in a bad way just different. Here are my “favorite” experiences of the three days I have been here

- The pantless and underwear less little boy sleeping face and cheek down on the pavement right outside of my office building. This sounds like a sad affair but from what I can tell he was not homeless as his family were sitting beside him laughing and sharing a coffee.
- My first meeting with a new member of my team where she kept closing her eyes and rubbing her stomach. I finally said are you ok? To which she replied I am having stomach problem and let out a HUGE burp about 3 minutes later.
- The same member of the team: everytime I speak to her she closes her eyes like she is really tired by all the work she has to do!! Please…get over yourself.
- I almost got hit by a bus…NO SERIOUSLY I WAS ALMOST HIT BY A BUS…that was not fun
- The woman in the bathroom threading her beard…
- The banker who yelled at me to change the policy which says we can not pay for guest travel….hey if you think I have that much “power” you are sadly mistaken
- Aww…the rooftop bar at the hotel….it should have been named Calgon!
- The nice cab driver who let me ride for free as I didn’t have change
- The endless bag opening, metal detector entering, bomb sniffing, bomb checking mirrors when entering any office building, hotel, restaurant...hey this is a good thing!!

All that and I still have a ride and wait at the airport.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


RIP John Hughes.

You have brought many smiles to my face and helped pass countless Saturdays as surely one of your movies played on channel 11.

I am really hoping for a movies marathon this weekend!!!