Friday, December 12, 2008

Sk8ter Boy

[Yes I am an Avril fan)

Ugg...why, why do I let..wait let me stop there..I didn't let him do anything I specifically said, "I like the length but shape it a bit"..yes you guessed it I am talking about my hairstylst [ok breath..long sentence). Ok I will admit I do like to change it up in the hair department and he obviously knows it so thinks he has carte blanche with my 'do. But this time he may have gone too far.

So during the "consultation" he pretended to listen and pretended to agree until I see clumps of my hair fall to the floor....ummm..then he came clean:

Shunji: "I think we should go shorter and have one side longer than the other." [record scratch]

Me: Excuse me??

Shunji: Oh yeah, its the new know that black celebrity has know her name... (think he was talking about Rhianna but can't be sure)

Me: Well I am no celebrity - I work in finance!

Shunji: Finance Celebrity (oh now he is being cute!)

For some reason, I let him carry on.. what is wrong with me??

Well the end result is a modified version of the celebrity cut which has me looking like a skater dude cira 1989. It looks like my stylist forgot to finish the job.

All this right in time for the holiday parties. Fantastic!

Jenni "later dude" B

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Fall Recap

I realized that due to the crazy Fall work schedule I have missed the opportunity to fill you in on some of the things that kept me busy September –December.
First up: Kanye.

Phil bought us ticket (more for me really) to see Kanye rock Singapore. I had read so many great things (on Perez) about the “Glow in the Dark Tour” I was really excited…I imaged costume changes, special effects…the works..well not so much.

Let’s start at the beginning, seeing a concert in Singapore is a pretty cool thing in that the “arena” is pretty small so all seats are good seats..lets see a cross between Hammerstein and Continental Airlines area but closer to I succeeding here?? So we get to our “seats” which were standing floor “seats” and we were so close to the stage and about 10 years older than the fans around us. It was really cool to look around at the crowd as you had your expat group, teenagers and my favorite Indian guys with turbans and Muslim girls with headscarves all sporting the grill glasses (as pictured above). Awesome.

As soon as the lights dimmed, I got so excited then out of the smoke came Kayne at 10feet away…outfit TERRIBLE this is not what I was expecting. To make matters worse he did not change the entire concert..and special effects..strobe lights do not = high tech (all I have to say is thank god I am not epileptic).

Now to the music…I am sure for a true KW fan it was great..but for JB the fair-weather – pop music fan the first hour was a bit boring. Then with about 45 minutes left (I sound like Bob Costas don’t I??) it all changed..the music took a dancey/pop turn and it was AWESOME Phil and I got down (yeah go ‘head get down). The two of us…we can certainly cut a rug!

Finally, the title…”Glow in the Dark” whatever!!! Not one thing was glow in the dark they did give out the glow jelly necklaces/bracelets before the show but security was actually making people take them off. For the record..Phil and I were not sporting the glow jewelry…we are losers but not that bad. We discussed that maybe being such a small venue and Singapore..well being Singapore, some of the effects may have been cut. If anyone has seen it in the US…thoughts?

So in closing and staying true to my movie ratings:

Music: 4 wine glasses (the last 45 minutes def. saved this rating)
Clothes: 0 wine glasses
Stage/special effects: 0 wine glasses

Watching the posh Brit dance to rap: a million glasses

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Mom Jeans

I was at an afternoon bachlorette party on Saturday - yes afternoon as the bride-to-be as well as about 90% of the party just had babies and the conversation went from leaking breast (no interest), the first time you go to the bathroom (#2) after giving birth (slight interest)and the first time you have sex after birth (ok interested) but c'mon where is the "cop" trying to break up the party or the "pizza delivery boy" - "Hey, did someone order a pizza" [cue music]!! I am kidding but you get the idea.

Anyway lost my train of thought - I almost died when one of the girls was like well you won't catch me in mom jeans to which laughed so hard thinking about the SNL skit...seems this was a big hit in Australia too! If you have not seen it, here you go...awesome and so true. Mel this one's for you.
(sorry don't know how to post video)

Mish: better not see you in mom jeans anytime soon.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Mission Accomplished!

Happy to report I completed the ½ marathon (21 K/12 miles) and avoided crapping my pants..Thanks Kelly, after reading your comment on the marathon announcement post, I has a recurring nightmare that would happen!

I completed the race in 2 hours and 28 minutes not the best time but certainly not embarrassing either, please note the time does include a bathroom break in an effort to avoid crapping incident! Thanks to Jackie’s advice of stopping at the water stations, drinking a walking a bit, I ran 20 out of the 21K.

All and all it was a fantastic day and I am so happy to have done it. The best part…it was a free pass to eat anything for the rest of the day. Let me tell you I made up for all the years of not eating pasta in that one weekend!!!

Thanks for the well wishes!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Temporary Insanity

In a moment of temporary insanity I signed up to do the Singapore half marathon like 6 months ago...yeah it was a good idea at the time thinking I had plenty of time to train...well dear readers it is this Sunday and I am in no shape to do it!! Seriously! I ran about 4 miles on Tuesday and just about died so I don't have high hopes for my performance.

If you don't get a Merry Christmas message from me, chances are I died or am still running.

Wish me luck

Jenni "its still exercise if you walk!" B

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Forget the thumbs….Movie Review by JenniB

Still can not think of a better title. I think I need to get insomnia again as that is when I do my best work!

Ok as I mentioned before this will be an ongoing Stupid Ho feature so I hope you find my reviews useful and accurate. I am open to good-natured ribbing if you disagree.

Rating system:
4 wine glasses = a must see, stop reading this blog and head to your local theater or on-demand button!
3 wine glasses = Very good but don’t cancel plans to watch
2 wine glasses = my glass in almost empty
1 wine glass = go to the gym!
0 glasses – it was probably Sci-Fi or animated

Movie: Four Christmases
Cast: Reese Witherspoon, Vince Vaughn, Jon Voight, John Favreu and others
Venue: Regular theater
My Mood: Hung over and very tired
Genre: Comedy

Rating: 1 wine glass

I had such high-hopes for this movie featuring dysfunctional families = priceless (usually). This movie just missed the mark and had so many opportunities to be funny and just fell short. I actually found myself crying (in a sad way) at one point…that to me people is no comedy..ok I am a hyper-sensitive person but come on! There were a couple of moments that made me giggle such as the photo album of Reese’s character but that just wasn’t enough. Save your $$..actually put in a jar labeled “Visit JenniB fund”

One thing that worries me is the ending, it leaves an opening for a sequel…Hollywood if you are listening..Save your money and send it to my friends for the visit JenniB fund!

PS I have purposefully not mentioned Thanksgiving as there will be a proper post as soon as I get my hands on the pictures.


Monday, November 17, 2008


To celebrate the release of the new James Bond flick the Singapore gang decided to get together and head to the cinema. Sounds normal even rather boring to some right?? Well, let's keep in mind that this is the crew that had me riding a motorcycle dressed as Madonna!

Toby reserved an entire, posh gold class theater (see previous gold class post) with the rule you could only attend by dressing as your favorite Bond character. This right here was a problem for me as I have only seen one Bond film…and that was the last one!! The only images that came to mind were the white bikini clad woman and the orange bikini clad Hallie Barry. [inside head] “why don’t I go to the gym 5 times a day” “why did I just those cookies” BIKINIS OUT!

So after many hours searching the web (read procrastinating at work) I found my Bond villain…MAY DAY from View to a Kill (Grace Jones). After all the drama it was easy to pull off with a purple headscarf and A LOT of makeup!

Here are some pictures to enjoy.

Me & Phil

Phil and Stefan

Hannah in her inflatable suit


"shark" & "dolly"

And one of my favorites...Rhys..looking at his profile during the movie made me laugh so hard!

This brings me to my next thought which is…since living here I have seen a lot more movies than I ever did in NYC, maybe it’s the Gold Class or dating someone but I have decided to get all Gene Shallot on you and bring you an ongoing piece…Movie time (not to be confused with hammer time)with Jenni B [better name to come…open to suggestions!

Rating system:
4 wine glasses = a must see, stop reading this blog and head to your local theater or on-demand button!
3 wine glasses = Very good but don’t cancel plans to watch
2 wine glasses = my glass in almost empty
1 wine glass = go to the gym!
0 glasses – it was probably Sci-Fi or animated

New Bond Flick (can’t remember the name..Quantum something..)
Rating: 2 glasses.

As I previously mentioned I am no Bond expert but this movies was no crowd pleaser! I know at least two other friends who fell asleep during the movie…asleep during a Bond movie????..that just does not sound right. It may have been the flowing wine that had me and others a bit confused and sleepy but that is still no excuse. Plus I thought Daniel Craig was super H-O-T in the last one and he just did not cut it this time…disappointing!

Jenni “pull up to the bumper baby” B

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Goodnight Jugdish!

For those of you who are true Seinfeld fans, you know what that title refers to and what this post will be about! For you losers that don't well you will just have to figure it out (won't be hard).

Today is my first day in India, Mumbai. First impression..flippen HOT! Didn't think it got much hotter than Singapore but I was wrong! Since I am here for business, I am staying at a really nice place. So I arrive and am greated by the hotel manager (fellow event planners know the drill) and he leads me to my room. He opens the door and the curtains automatically open revealing a very beautiful view of the ocean (from the door) as I get closer I realize that the real view is the abandoned hotel across the street (empty eroding pool included) This stunning structure is set upon the "beach" which actually looks like tar but seems to attract handholding lovers and families out for a day at the beach. I notice that if I sit on my bed and look out the window all I see is the ocean so I think that will be my seat of choice.

Disappointly, I was due to arrive this morning and head out for a fancy Indian brunch but my co-worker got bumped off the flight so I have been working all day like a big nerd.

So that is the first impression...more to come!!

Jenni "its in the vault" B (another reference to my fav episode)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Not good for business

I am currently on a conference call with like 20 people all over Asia and for some reason our phones do not have mute (go figure) and this guy from Tokyo was speaking (really thick accent) and said the word errection. I GIGGLED...

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Time for Some Action...

Sorry for the delay - Chamonix

Given the current financial situation I feel like perhaps I should have kept my money in my pocket instead of this European adventure but oh well “you only live once",“you can’t take it with you” ..I have been repeating this mantra for the last couple of weeks hoping that it will make me feel better about the terrible state of the economy and more importantly the effect it will have on my social life...not working all that well.

Ok to the fun stuff!!

We boarded yet another train en route to Geneva to pick up a car and drive to Chamonix. The previous evening we had drinks with Phil’s friend Beth (see above) who informed us that the weather in Chamonix was supposed to be horrible..c'mon are you really surprised?? Being the usual positive person that I am (hehe) I was hoping for the best! Sure enough once we arrived, Phil checked the weather on top of the mountain and it was horrible. No hiking for us that day. What to do in this situation, eat, drink and shop! I am now the proud owner of a very sporty waterproof jacket. It is very cute. Who knew this would make me so excited.

That evening, the weather took a turn for the worse..the rain was so heavy and it was so cold. Actually this was a good thing as it made our dinner experience so much better. We pigged out on the best fondue EVER is this little stone restaurant. Perfect setting. That evening ended with watching a DVD in bed on a portable DVD player, me promptly falling asleep and spooning the machine...very sexy!

Next morning we woke to yet more rain. It didn’t look good but we were determined to do it so we slipped into the waterproof gear and headed off to start the climb. The first part of the climb was only about 2 hours so I could handle that right?? As we drove to the beginning of the trail, rain pelting the windows my positive outlook was quickly fading. 10 steps out of the car and it was time for a break in the hopes that the rain would let-up. Luckily, there was a little restaurant which served the best Irish coffee ever. After downing the lovely, very strong beverage I was ready for business.

The first day's hike was beautiful despite the rain. After about 2 hours we arrived at the lodge where we would spend the evening with dorm-like sleeping arrangements. I was not thrilled with this prospect. Luckily there were only 4 other people spending the night so we had our own little bunk bed. Seriously the bed are all together!! If it was full, chances are I could have been spooning with a stranger. Not only were the beds an issue but you had to go outside to use the bathroom. At about 3am I woke to some serious pee pains but was too scared to go outside by myself. I was mentally trying to tell Phil to wake up...finally it worked and Phil popped up having to pee so thankfully I had an escort.

The next morning was summit day. The hike was seriously, amazingly beautiful but the hardest thing I have ever done! I was really proud of myself when we reached the top…it was amazing. The only bad thing now we had to go down and you may think that is easier but it was so hard and scary. By the time we reached the lodge again I was tired and angry because it was so hard!!!! Phil sensing my “about to blow” status quickly ordered us tea and beer and my mood improved. So a total of 10 hours hiking that day but by the time we reached the bottom...I came to the conclusion despite the mood swings…one of the best things I have ever done!!!

Ok enough of all this writing take a look at the photos:

Check out how high I am



We've reached the top!

Look at that jacket

Great scenery

Almost done...time for a beer (look how swollen my fingers are from the hike)

Phil looking very satisfied! That is the hut in the background.

There you have Everest!! Yeah right!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Ooo La La...Paris

So onto phase 2 of the adventure.

Prior to leaving London, we stocked up on the train essentials, wine, cheese, olives and nuts for journey. I think we amazed the two girls sitting across from us with the quantity of wine and food we consumed during the not-so-long ride.

We arrived in Paris late Monday afternoon and I was excited to get my French experience on. As we got into the cab at the station, I was about to be surprised by my traveling companion..turns out I was traveling with Philippe (Phil’s French alter ego) as he launched into full French speak. It was like that coffee commercial from the 80’s “hummm Phil never speaks French at home”. I will say it was a very pleasant surprise as all I had to do was nod, smile and say “Bonjour. Vin s'il vous plait.”

I was a bit nervous about the hotel as I was in charge of the Paris selection. Boy did I do a good job (if I do say so myself). The hotel was a small boutique in the St. Germaine district which is so cool. The staff and the rooms were fab. AND get this, free mini bar and open bar all day in the lobby. I could not believe it. Honestly, this was something I did not know when booking. It was great.

After having a glass of champagne to celebrate our arrival, we headed to the Eiffel Tower. I had been to see the tower last time I was in Paris but never got to go to the top. Anyone traveling to Paris, highly recommend Monday afternoon around 4pm for the visit as the lines were really short.

It was lovely and I am happy that we did it but I will have to disagree with those who claim the top is romantic. There was just was too many people for romance.

That evening we had a very late dinner at this bistro around the corner from the hotel. We…wait I (remember I am with Philippe) was the only English speaker in the place. It was very local which is what you want from vacation right?? Everyone was eating, drinking and smoking around us. Speaking of smoking..I have officially quit!! As you know I was always the social smoker. You would think this atmosphere would be the perfect setting for my habit but nope I was not even tempted so I think I have finally kicked-it!

The following day was some Musee D’orsey action (my fav museum), site seeing and our first failed attempt to visit a Picasso Museum (it was closed).

Notre Dame makes my legs look thin.

Walking back to the hotel we stumbled upon a restaurant that looked amazing so we made some reservations for that evening. Here is Phil and what appears to be a prostitute in the hotel lobby (enjoying some free pre-dinner drinks). Seriously, looks like I should be heading to the Moulin Rouge…

Dessert...this was supposed to be the healthy dessert (cottage cheese).

Finally we ended the night with some more champagne at a posh hotel with Phil’s friend Beth. We were heading to her apartment in Chamonix the next day before the climb!

So there you have it our Tango in Paris.

Tomorrow..uncomfortable train ride and Chamonix.

Friday, September 12, 2008

European Adventure – Stop 1 United Kingdom

Hello or shall I say Top of the Morning to ya'. I am back in Singapore a bit jet lagged, suffering from PVSD (see posted titled PSVD if not familiar) and worst of all..3 kilos heavier but all of that is worth it for one fabulous holiday. Since some of you Stupid Ho readers (JEFF) can not cope with too many words, I will post about each cities’adventures separately.

Travel and United Kingdom

Before leaving for the adventure, I was honestly so excited about every aspect, including the 13 hour flight. We were flying on the A380 so I was so excited to see what all the fuss was about. As we were rushing to the gate (Phil has a tendency to be one of the last one's on the plane which totally stresses me out) I caught a glimpse of the plane and my initial thoughts were.."'s not that big, it looks like a normal plane." My thoughts were quickly changed as we boarded on the upper deck and had to make our way to our seats on the lower deck. WOW!!!!!!!!!!! That plane is HUGE! I felt like I was visiting a small county..each little section of the plane a different zip code. I was all ready for some in-flight food, drinks and movies only to be disappointed by both of us passing out and sleeping for most of the flight. I guess the excitement got to us!

Before we knew it we had landed in jolly 'ole England and the adventure was about to begin.

Upon our arrival we headed to Tori - Phil's childhood friend's house where we would be visiting and resting for a few hours. I was super nervous and regretting my choice of capri pants as this was the first friend meeting. Why the ensemble regret?? My feet and ankles were so swollen I looked like I have an elephant's feet. I could hear the gossip now “Nice girl but you should see her ankles, they are huge”. We sat, had tea all the while I strategically draped my pashmina over my freak-like legs.

After a brief catch-up we grabbed our bags, and were off to have lunch with Phil's dad in the town where he grew up. Lunch was great, two bottles of rose, stories of a gruesome murder that happened in the small town and of all the celebrities that live in the area: Phil Collins, know that piqued my interest. All was going well until about 5 minutes after Phil’s dad was wrestling with a cap on the balsamic vinegar, all the while I was talking to him, I turn to Phil who promptly wiped drops of vinegar off my face. Apparently during the “struggle” some splashed on me and I just kept talking, All Class!

After lunch, we boarded a train and headed to London central to meet up with my friend Katy and her man. It was a blast, two American girls with 2 Brits..priceless. Many, many drinks can certainly help the jetlag.

Me and Katy

The next morning, nursing a serious hang over, we were off to meet another of Phil's friends, Helen, fiancée Charlie and their little boy, Ny. Do you think he is happy to see us?

Later that afternoon, we explored the Tate Modern then boarded another train back to Tori & Matt's for the night.

Saturday was the wedding and it was really fun. They were married in a very old stone church and it was beautiful. The day was great and you will be proud, I alternated between champagne and water as to avoid any Bridget Jones’ moments.

I appear to have a wig on..bad hair day.

Matt & Tori so you can see what they look like.

All of Phil’s friends were really nice and welcoming which made me feel really comfortable. Good stuff.

Sunday morning we boarded another train and headed to Phil's mom's house for the evening. She lives in the country..seriously. As we were driving from the train station, we had to stop for donkeys, horses and cows crossing the road. It was great. Phil's brother, nephew and sister-in-law all came to visit as well so it was a full house. As soon as we dropped our bags, we changed and headed to the beach for a walk and some crabbing. Ok let me explain the outfit, as per usual on my vacations, the weather was not cooperating for walking and crabbing activities and I had not purchased my own fabulous waterproof jacket (later in the trip) so I had to borrow a jacket from Phil's mom. Not my best look but Phil had a good laugh at my expense. I am also slightly distrubed that I look like a retarded child and get a load of the dog who is not part of Phil's family.

Phil's Fam

That evening we had a wonderful dinner, great conversation and my new favorite dessert home made by Phil's mom's partner Brian, banofee pie..banana, toffee and whip cream pie. As we headed to bed Brian left the light on in the kitchen for me in case I needed anything in the middle of the night. I warned that they may find me passed out in front on the open refrigerator full of banofee pie! This day/evening was one of my favorites of the whole trip!

Next day: breakfast, train to London, lunch with my childhood friend Valeria and ALL ABOARD TRAIN TO PARIS.

Jeez, I am tired already and that is a lot of words. Sorry Jeff.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Just like the Griswalds...

Tonight Phil and I depart for our European Vacation. Knowing the two of us, I am sure some hijinx is certainly ito ensue la the Griswalds.

So here is the itinerary for the next two weeks:

London - 4 days
Paris - 2 days
Chamonix - 2 days
Geneva - 1 night
Barcelona - 4 days

You can imagine my excitment!!

Be prepared for the tons of photos that are sure to be posted upon my return..oh crap I think I forgot my camera.

Jenni "Bon Voyage" B

Thursday, August 21, 2008

This is Rich...

Below is a excerpt from Singapore's Prime Minister Lee's National Day celebration speech. This was the third point of his speech. I love e. Classic! Transcript in outline form so may read a bit strange.


First step is to find the right partner and get married I am not an expert but consulted those with experience, i.e. the matchmakers. We have SDU, SdS, and many private dating agencies. I talked to several of them. We had a lively exchange and I learnt a lot

Let me summarise the main learning points

a. Many singles do want to get married
They are serious, and not just out to have a good time. But they face difficulties.

b. Some have never dated
Once they start work and settle into a routine, no opportunities to socialise and meet new people

Conversation one matchmaker had with his client

Q: What do you usually do after work?
A: Go to the gym
Q: How about the weekends?
A: Stay at home with family
Q: Do you go out?
A: Yes, bring nieces and nephews out to play
Q: Have you met any new friends in the last week?
A: [Dead silence]
Q: How about the last 1 month?
A: [Dead silence again]

i. Dating agencies say that women in the late 30s have a serious problem

(1) Some men are in their late 30s too

(2) But they are looking for younger women in their 20s

(3) So the older women have difficulties pairing up

ii. Confirmed by what one such lady told me at a dialogue

(1) She had put her career first when she was younger

(2) Later when she wanted to settle down she tried the dating agencies, but had no luck

(3) She regrets her decision now, but still hopes to find someone

d. Good news is that more people are prepared to seek help from dating agencies
. Women are more willing to do so
. Men tend to be more sensitive about their egos

. Most dating agencies have more women than men – 60:40
e. Unfortunately sometimes their social graces are not up to scratch

i. e.g. dating agency arranged for a guy to meet a date

ii. Setting was a romantic dinner at a nice restaurant

iii. But he showed up wearing slippers!

(1) Asked why he did not dress up for the occasion

(2) His reply – this is how I am

(3) After some tactful grooming advice, he made progress and learnt to keep a pair of shoes in the car, and put them on before dates

(4) The couple are now happily married

f. Also need to have realistic expectations

i. Have to make an effort for the relationship to work

ii. Easy to get carried away by romantic images in the movies

(1) Meet someone of your dreams, instantly fall madly in love, get married, live happily ever after

iii. But we are ordinary people in real life

(1) May not have instant sparks on the first date

(2) But take time to discover the person for who he or she is, nurture the relationship, and love may blossom

6. We will do more to help singles get married

a. SDU and SdS are working on this
. They now cater to different markets – graduates and non-graduates
. We should be more flexible
. Will merge SDU and SdS

. Together they will have more critical mass, more activities, and hopefully more pairing up and marriages
b. Some young people prefer to use private dating agencies

i. But they want quality assurance, e.g. to know that it is a reputable dating agency

7. Young people themselves should take the first step, and not leave it too late
. Make time to go out and meet new friends
. Join a dating agency, be it SDU/SdS or a private agency
. You may find someone you are attracted to
. Then you can marry the person you love, and love the person you marry

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tickle the Ivories

Phil and I decided to take in a little culture last night and go see one of the performances of the Beethoven Complete Piano Sonatas series. It was a very nice evening but let me tell you the conclusion I have come to, Beethoven...wait all classical music...has no place in tropical climates. weather and classical tunes just do not mix. Look at the above picture for example, does that seem right to you? The entire performance all I could think about was the old neighborhood, brownstones, snow falling, warm sweaters, red wine and Christmas trees (that one is a bit strange).

Now I have never been one to listen to classical music other than the very enjoyable trips to the Met but I think I will when I move back. There I will be in huge sweater, huge glass of wine and hopefully it will be snowing..hummm.. the new me sounds kind of boring! Rest assured I have a lot of learning to do before this happened as during intermission I turned to Phil, shared the above thoughts and then announced "I really liked the second song” to which he replied “it’s called a piece babe”


Jenni “full of culture” B

Sound Factory Days...

Boy how things have changed since the good 'ole Sound Factory days, I like boys that actually wear shirts, I sleep on weekends and I don't have a constant boom, boom in my head but boy were those days fun while they lasted. My partner in crime from those days decided it was time to bring me back to my former self and made me a playlist of all SF hits

Even if you never accompanied us to the guido den, you may reconzie most songs on the list if you ever 1) attended a party in JC 2) partied on a flort 2) attended the gang's NYE party (greatest song in the world) 3) know who Mr. Pinchy is 4) collect wicker baskets 5)know Benny


Jenni "guys this is a great party" B

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Hot off the Press...

More Singapore news:

Roast meats stolen from delivery van

ROAST meats amounting to $270 were stolen from a delivery van early on Thursday morning.
The deliveryman had parked his van at the carpark of Block 252, Jurong East Street 24. He left the van unlocked when he went to deliver some food items to four stalls at a nearby market.

When he returned 10 minutes later, he found 7kg of roast pork, 5kg of barbequed pork and five roast ducks missing from the van.

In another theft, a coffeestall at Block 531A, Upper Cross Street lost $80 worth of cigarettes.

The stallowner, who is in his 50s, locked up and left on Wednesday night.

When he returned at 4.15 am, he found the plastic panel covering the cigarettes on display removed and some packets of cigarettes missing.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Now what am I going to do.....

...with all my spare time??

Playgirl magazine will cease printing issues.

The women's nudie mag, featuring naked menz, will now be rebranded as just a website with pics and video on there.

What next Newsweek??? Jeff how will I get the latest on my favorite dinner topi, Christy Todd Whitman?? Is she still alive.


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Have you ever....

Looked at someone and thought “what on earth made them buy that shirt”. Yes? No? I find myself thinking that a lot! Especially when I see adults wearing shirts with cartoon characters on them or sayings like “I’m a lot of work." Saw that one last night – she was lot of something except perhaps in shape (God I am mean!) Well I just experienced the thought again and this time it was a man is a blousy, short sleeved, washed out pink shirt that appeared to have bicycles sketched all over it. Honestly, that description is not doing it justice. I could not for the life of me image what drew him (no pun intended) to this shirt in the store and made him think “this will make a great shirt for work”


Jenni ”shallow” B

Friday, July 25, 2008

This is a long one but worth it

Hello all! Hope you are well and enjoying the summer...seeing that it is almost over. Seriously...where does the time go??
A lot has happened since my last entry: Michelle’s visit, trip to Jakarta, ‘MY BIRTHDAY!!! Ma, aka Estelle Getty’s passing.

First, Michelle’s visit was awesome. Given her current condition I had to rethink my usual bar-hopping weekends for a more sophisticated approach so we spent a weekend BBQ hoping and (where else would a married woman with child want to spend her weekend away) store hopping (sorry Mish).

The first full day of her visit, Michelle, Phil and I went on the same hike I did when I first arrived, you remember the one with all the monkeys?? I got Mish all pumped for prime monkey viewing only to be disappointed by not seeing a single one. I could not believe it..there were 100’s last time! Where have all the monkeys gone?? Instead we were treated to a parade of reptiles big and small..all kinds and honestly not that exciting.

After the hike we made our first grocery store stop.

Saturday night, Mish rallied and we headed to a BBQ where I lost all maturity and got loaded..

Sunday after a breakfast feast, we went to 2 grocery stores...Ok I am not addicted to food (wait let me think about that one..)but Sunday I planned to host a BBQ at my condo and as those of you who have been to my cocktail parties know..there can never be enough food! Now the problem here was one thing, I can buy the food, I can prepare some of the food but have I never worked a grill???...NO! By mid-afternoon I was beginning to think that this BBQ may not have been such a great idea…then like a beacon in the night Phil arrived armed with marinated shrimp, BBQ tools and the actual knowledge of cooking. So as I was following Kitty’s recipe for guacamole step by step on my computer (Thanks K...big hit) Phil had sliced, diced, blanched and boiled all the ingredients for the other dishes “I” prepared. Needless to say he manned the grill the whole BBQ if you are reading this...P you Rock!

So as a result of some good team work, the BBQ was a success. Michelle got to meet the whole gang (minus a few) for a very civilized BBQ. It was great! What is that line I always used in NY...I love it when my friends become friends with my other rules!

So after a not-so-sad goodbye to can I be sad when we are both so happy with our lives??? It was time to get ready.... for the celebration of my birth!!!

Wow..34..where has my life gone...oh please who am I kidding I act like I am 24…and forget the whole..I can’t believe I am getting so old” whine..the older I get the happier I get ...bring on 34. As in years past my birthday’s have been great because of my friends and family and this year was no different. Saturday was the birthday date and it was fantastic! Phil surprised me with birthday dinner at the top of the Fullerton hotel. The restaurant is really small and intimate and has an amazing view. I was surprised however when he suggested picking me up at 7:30 for dinner since we usually head out later but whatever. So we sit down, pop champagne and about 15 minutes in, fireworks start going off right outside the window. Being as anal as Singaporeans are, they practice their National Day celebration festivities like a month in advance (Mish remember the planes??) so here we were watching these incredible fireworks display..this explained the early reservations..good work P!

After a very romantic dinner..Piglet for 2 was the entrée of choice..we headed to the bar for some after dinner drinks. By this time I think Phil was no longer drinking in celebration of my birthday but to ease the pain of the rugby injury he suffered earlier in the day. His head was stepped on and he spent the day in the hospital getting 10 stitches down the side of his head. Of course he didn’t tell me until I got in the cab and saw his bruised eye..Odd thing was, earlier in the day I told him not to get hurt as it would ruin my birthday weekend..I am such a sweetheart.

Sunday I woke to a bag full of great presents then headed to the typical Sunday champagne brunch for 15 know the deal!

BUT even after all this fabulousness..I got really homesick by the end of Sunday night and cried (shocker right). All was fixed with some wine, homemade pizza and Sixteen Candles. lucky girl!

Ok real quick, Jakarta as I am about to board heading back to Singapore. Picture this...I had to cut the MC for the party since our budget was really was their 40th Anniversary celebration. Being that they never have events, there were really bummed and asked if I would be the MC being the sucker I am I accepted. As the word “sure” was coming out of my mouth, in my head I was like “WHAT ARE YOU DOING” to make matters worse, I had to dress in Indonesian garb..actually it was not that extravagant but still. I was so nervous it was ridiculous!!! Really the worst part was every time I was rehearsing the introduction of the host of the event, Rubi Bambang..I kept saying RUDY BANGBANG. Needless to say, all went well and I enjoyed a very large glass of wine after.

The hotel was absolutely beautiful where I stayed but experienced another first. When driving up to the gate of the hotel, there are two armed guards with a very large German Sheppard ready to inspect inside and under your car for bombs etc. When you are waved through, you then have to walk through a metal detector to get inside the hotel. This is a 5 star property!! Crazy.

Alright done but not before a moment of silence for Estelle [silence] I will never forget the first time I saw you on Hollywood Squares and you weren’t in the Ma character and thinking.."Wow she is really not that old..what a great actress.” Anyone agree?? RIP

If you have made it through...thanks for reading.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Coming Soon....

Booked...December 17th..

Count down has begun.

See you then!


Monday, July 7, 2008

Overheard in the Office...

Man 1 to Man 2...the only relaxation I am going to get today is the next 10 minutes in the bathroom...GROSS!

To make matters worse, I have a meeting with him in 15 and that is all I will be thinking about.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Visitors

I may be one of the most excited people right now...why you ask? Well not 1, not 2, but 3 of my favorite people with be visiting me within the next 4 months.

First up..She has had the incredible pleasure of being my very best friend for the last 19 years..has trouble differentiating between a puppy and a baby (which may soon prove to be a problem)and goes by the alias Durable Pants DRUMROLL

Michelle [Fallone] Russell
Arrival and Departure dates July 11-15 (intresting leaving right before my birthday...I am on to you Fallone!)

Second & Third: These "roommates" hold two very special places in my heart. One for being the bestest sister a girl could have and the other being the most like a sister who isn't a sister I ever had. There is no need for introduction:

MEL and Chris.

Can you just picture the pure comedy of this visit?? I can not wait!

Arrival and departure dates: October 3 - 12.

So..who's next?

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Summer Concert Series

The Summer Concert Series..I can literally hear those words as spoken on radio stations like Z100. "The 2008 Summer Concert Series brought to you by Ron Delsner (what that the promoters name??) and following this would always be a laundry list of bands that were coming to the NY area. Honestly, for a long time, summer was not complete without pouring vodka into a hairspray bottle, piling into Mom's car enroute to the Garden State Arts Center for the Steve Miller concert.

I have been keeping up with the acts coming to the NY: Madonna, George Michael, Duran Duran..umm hello!! How jealous am I???

Now's your turn to be jealous...introducing the Singapore Summer Concert Series...

Air Supply - yes still alive but look like they may die at any moment

AND...wait for it...

The joke...all of them together and the show is SOLD OUT!

Jenni "no concert t-shirt for me" B

Rock on!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Time Flies...Tick Tock Tick Tock

I can not believe I have not realized this all day (its 5:15pm) but today is my one year anniversary of being in Singapore. Yup it was one year ago today that I waddled off the plane with my life in two suitcases. I can not believe how quickly the time has gone.

I would not say I felt this everyday of the last year but I am so happy I took this chance (stupid ho). That is not to say that I do not miss you guys every single day because I do! Feeling mutual?? 

Anyway, here’s to a year! May the next one be just as great and may it see MANY visitors!

And here was one of my inspirations and the inspiration for this blog

"What You Waiting For?"

What an amazing time
What a family
How did the years go by?
Now it's only me

Tick tock
Tick tock
Tick tock
Tick tock
Tick tock
Tick tock
Tick tock
Tick tock
(La la la la la)

Like a cat in heat stuck in a moving car
A scary conversations,
Shut my eyes, can't find the brake
What if they say that you're a climber?

Naturally i'm worried if i do it alone
Who really cares cuz it's your life
You never know, it could be great
Take a chance cuz you might grow
Oh... oh ohhh

What you waiting
What you waiting
What you waiting
What you waiting
What you waiting for!?

What you waiting
What you waiting
What you waiting
What you waiting
What you waiting for!?

Tick tock
Tick tock
Tick tock
Tick tock

Take a chance you stupid Hoe

Like an echo pedal, you're repeating yourself
You know it all by heart
Why are you standing in one place?
Born to blossom, bloom to perish

Your moment will run out
Cuz of your sex chromosome
I know it's so messed up how our society all thinks (for sure)
Life is short, you're capable (uh huh)
Oh... oh ohhh


What you waiting
What you waiting
What you waiting
What you waiting
What you waiting for!?

What you waiting
What you waiting
What you waiting
What you waiting
What you waiting for!?

I can't wait to go
Back and do Japan
Get me lots of brand new fans
Osaka, Tokyo
You Harajuku girls
Damn, you've got some wicked style...


What you waiting
What you waiting
What you waiting
What you waiting
What you waiting for!?

What you waiting
What you waiting
What you waiting
What you waiting
What you waiting for!?

What you waiting for?
What you waiting for?
Take a chance, you stupid hoe

Take a chance, you stupid hoe
What you waiting for?
What you waiting for?
Take a chance, you stupid hoe
Take a chance, you stupid hoe

Love you always,
Stupid Ho

Thursday, June 12, 2008

I Told You Something's Wrong With Me...

Those were the words that were to be inscribed on my tombstone during my last bought of hypochondria. Well the feeling that something is wrong with me has reared its ugly head once again. Over the past couple of weeks I was certain that there was in fact something wrong with me and after visits to two doctors and a through physical(I actually got to see my insides on a large TV screen a la Discovery Channel). I have received a clean bill of health from both! Yep nothing wrong..well other than the adult acne I have acquired since being here...hello!! I am 33 years old..what the F??

I have come to the conclusion that I have a fear that when things are going really well for me.. BAM! something bad is going to happen. Where is Dr. C when you need him??

Well this time has taught me a lesson...I vow, here and now, that I will not be overcome by this anymore! (you may want to keep this entry as proof that I stated this)

Hope everyone is in good health!

Jenni "healthy as a horse" B

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Yet another reason I miss NYC...

Diane Von Furstenberg Sample Sale
Finally a shopping event to write about! The queen of dresses, Diane Von Furstenberg begins her summer sample sale TODAY, which lasts until Saturday. Pick up that dress you’ve been eying at Bergdorf’s but haven’t had the heart to fish out the wads of nonexistent bills from that slim wallet. Today, pull an Obama and say “Yes we can!” shop ’til we drop because we are worth it. Clothing is up to 75% off.

Please go and tell me all about it!!!!

Monday, June 2, 2008

I can see up that young ladies dress...

Those words were uttered by my very good friend Jeff in reference to a drag queen that was sitting not so lady-like at a club in what seems a life time ago. Having just spent the weekend in Bangkok, I found Jeff’s words echo in my head on more than one occasion. Unlike that particular drag queen who shoved his bulging muscles into a tacky dress, the lady boys and transvestites that I bought handbags from, got a facial by and saw trying to entice gentleman into the Pussy Collection club, this was not just a Saturday night thing but how they lived their lives and from what I could tell is pretty much accepted in the daily culture.

After noticing and making a mental note of this to tell you all about..this article appeared in Monday’s newspaper.

Teenager crowned Thailand's most beautiful transvestite

PATTAYA (Thailand) - A TEENAGE transvestite who grew up on a military base was crowned Thailand's most beautiful transvestite late on Friday, in an extravagant annual pageant which transfixed the nation.
Kangsadarn Wongdusadeekul, known by her stage name 'Nonk', cried as she accepted her Miss Tiffany crown from last year's winner.
Nonk, 19, particularly impressed the panel of judges with her question round.
Asked if she would be happy to join the army as a man, she told the audience: 'Last year I went to register as a soldier but my figure had changed so the government did not let me.'
'We are beautiful - so we have no need to be soldiers,' she said, getting the biggest laugh of the night.
Her win brings considerable financial reward: 100,000 baht (S$4,356) - equivalent to a year's wages for a factory worker - and a Honda car.
But with the cost of a single pageant dress at least 10,000 baht, winning Miss Tiffany is about more than the prizes.
Most of the 30 transvestites parading across the glitter-filled stage said they were seeking social acceptance rather than money.
Nonk says she is lucky to have been accepted by her family as her father is a colonel in the Thai army.
Nonk said after the contest that she had known she wanted to be a girl from a very young age, and her military family were so understanding they now tell friends she is their daughter. They keep few photos of Nonk as a boy.
'They said I can be whatever I want to be so long as I take care of myself and other people,' she said.
Miss Tiffany 2008 was crowned in a sold-out 2,000-seater theatre, and televised nationally.
The runners-up were Pailin 'Bank' Denfhanapapol and Doolkamon 'Golf' Kontun, with awards also given for Miss Congeniality and Miss Photogenic.
The event has become increasingly high profile, with winners forging careers as television presenters and as the faces of beauty products.
Miss Tiffany will now advance to the global competition, Miss International Queen, to be held here in October. -- AFP
What I find so interesting is that the competition was a sold-out event and televised nationally, not just held in some niche club

Would you watch??? I certainly would!

There was a picture but its embedded in the article and I can't extract!!


I am sorry to report that I am suffering from PVSD...Post Vacation Stress Disorder. I have diagnosed myself and am pretty sure that I have coined this acronym.

Symptoms include:

- Constant thoughts of fun vacation memories
- The energy to do nothing but think of silly blog entries
- Feeling like a fat ass.
- Panic attacks resulting from the thought that your liver may fall out at any moment
- A little voice inside your head telling you, you may be an alcoholic and a second voice convincing you, you are not (also referred to as schizophrenia)
- Constant surfing of the web for next vacation destination
- Clock watching...counting the minutes until you can be at the gym working off all the food and liquor consumed over said vacation.

If you have experienced any of the symptoms above, then I am afraid, you too, have suffered from PVSD. You can thank me later for diagnosis.

Bangkok report tomorrow. I am suffering too much to write about it now!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Olympic Dream

Today is my last day in Shanghai and I have so much to tell.

My first day in the office (Friday) I was told that the Olympic torch relay was passing the office at exciting!!! So my co-worker Mandy and I headed down to the street for a closer look. The street was packed and let me tell you nothing is more frightening than a group of really excited Chinese people. I felt like I was at a rock concert and on the edge of the mosh pit! They were chanting, waving the Chinese flag and jockeying for the best places, traditionally not the tallest people..they are quite strong! Being the only western face that I could see, I quickly grabbed a flag and began to wave so to fit in..Jennib always the follower! Within 10 minutes there was a big surge in the crowd and I witnessed the flame pass me by. Now being 5'3” (actually 5’5” in my Manolos which made me tallest in the crowd) and being the only western face has its advantages as I was suddenly whisked away and the touch handed to me...

Ok, ok, obviously kidding about the last part but I did see the torch and it was a pretty cool experience.

So after coming as close to the Olympics as I will probably ever get, it was time to start the weekend and time for Phil to arrive. We were staying at the Grand Hyatt. This is where I stayed last time, the one with the really annoying technology but the building is beautiful, has a great bar and it really tall! We stayed in the 77th floor!!

Can I just tell you again how much I love Shanghai?? What a great city! It is such a great mix of history, interesting architecture, culture, awesome neighborhoods, grittiness, amazing food and restaurants. Let me repeat that...AMAZING FOOD AND RESTUARANTS. Phil and I basically ate our way through the city. Boy can we eat.

We had a good mix of touristy pricey, trendy/innovative and traditional Shanghainese cuisine. It was a toss up between trendy/innovative and traditional but I am going for the traditional Shanghainese meal. OH MY GOD! One of my favorite moments of the evening was when (in between chopsticks full of food) I commented on how much I loved the noodles. Phil, knowing my phobia of carbs, commented on how he never thought he would hear those words form JenniB’s lips. Shortly thereafter Phil commented on how much he loved the fried beef...Phil is slowly weaning himself off vegetarianism...never thought I would hear that from his lips. What type of influence are we on each other????

In between our feeding sessions we did manage to work off the food by doing a bit of site seeing.

Here we are at the Shanghai Museum (we did go in)

At The Bund opposite the skyline (terrible pic)

Me and some fish in a garden. Shortly after this photo was taken Phil dropped our map into the water to the shock and dismay of the people around us. I pretended I didn’t know him!

Image from the meat market.
That is an actual pig face…give a whole new meaning to pressed ham huh Jeff??

Oh wait one bad thing did happen to me….I was given a counterfeit $50RMB bill. Yup..I was given the shocking news at the café in the museum (don’t worry we were not eating there too..just a beverage). I really didn’t believe the guy so later that afternoon we stopped for ice coffee and I tried to pass it off on Starbucks (hey they have enough money) only to be told..sorry no good. The words “that guy was right” just about left my lips but I quickly regained my “passing counterfeit money” composure and acted shocked and amazed but could feel my face being red as a tomato.

If there is one phrase that will always remind me of Shanghai it would have to be…..”you want handbag, watch, t-shirt…Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton…the knockoffs are endless and the salespeople..lets just say annoying is an understatement.

Bangkok this weekend then a vacation hiatus.

Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend! What did you do?

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

(Un) Tick the Box

Mother Nature is trying to send me a message and the message is JenniB is not supposed to be adventurous! Let’s think about my scuba diving experiences (on more than one occasion)…near death experience, rain, rain, rain, choppy water and weather so bad they had to call off the dive. Now to my first climb, cold, rain, mist…yup that about sums up the weather…weather so bad that we were informed that climbers had not reached the peak for the last 10 days! I was determined to remain positive even upon hearing this bad news.

Ok I am getting a little ahead of myself so let me start of the beginning…..

It was Thursday afternoon, Phil and I were getting picked up from the office at 3pm and heading to Malaysia to catch a flight to Kota Kinabalu. P was still in total work mode so the hour long car ride consisted mostly of cheesy Malaysian music and the click, click, sound of blackberry keys. I, on the other hand, had left work behind and was dreaming of a nice glass of wine at the airport to start off the vacation.

Rude awakening #1: Once we got to the airport and got ourselves all checked in, we went on the hunt for a vacation starting beverage only to remember that we were in an Islamic country so no bars or alcohol sold in the food outlets..sorry but a latte is not how I like to kick off my vacation.

Disappointed and feeling like two people who should be headed for the Betty Ford clinic as opposed to vacation, we sulked and waited to board the flight. Being the one that booked the flight, I assured P that Air Asia’s website was full of Asian faces and would certainly serve booze (not sure of my rational here but oh well).

Rude awakening #2: You guessed it fruit juices and soft drinks only! This made us both laugh as we kept catching each other examining the menu is hopes that we missed the booze section (mom and dad I really don’t have a problem I swear).

One other strange experience worth mentioning from this flight was that they sold Air Asia merchandise (hats, t-shirts, keychains) on the flight. I have never seen this before and people were actually buying them! The guy next to me as a matter of fact (not Phil but could you image …I would die) purchased a bright red baseball hat with Air Asia in big white letters written across it. You have got to be kidding me! Now, (some of you know) that one of my pet peeves are people who purchase and wear concert t-shirts at the actual concert…this experience has taken that pet peeve to a whole new level.

We get to KK and are met by our driver who then informs us of the inclement weather on the mountain. Here is where I started to get nervous…perhaps I really was cursed by Mother Nature! We checked into our “boutique” hotel (don’t get me started) and set out for some food and DRINK along the KK waterfront. We stumbled across this cute little Indian place with outdoor seating, ordered proper beverages, made a toast to a great vacation and before the sweet taste of wine could touch my lips, we heard a huge crack of thunder and without a warning the skies opened and it started to POUR … like torrential rain! We had a good laugh and enjoyed the rest of the evening inside without much incident.

Phil's first vacation drink

Next day, day 1 of hike. We are up at 6 for our 6:30am pick-up. I put on my carefully put together hiking outfit. You had to look sporty but nice and not like you are trying too hard…cargo shorts, short sleeve safari-like shirt and long sleeve shirt tied around my waist in case I get cold (ornamental really). We wait outside and it was quite cold so I had to put on the ornamental shirt which really didn’t look good.

Rude Awakening #3: Carefully crafted hiking outfit….losing it’s style.

As we make our way up the mountain to the starting gate the weather starts to get colder and colder, wetter and wetter and cloudier and cloudier. Not good for hiking business.
This is when I realize that I will have to wear Phil’s water proof jacket the whole hike totally ruining the outfit.

Rude Awakening #4: I look like a total man is various shades of green/brown (Why didn’t I buy my own waterproof jacket??)

Is that a man...nope its me

Day 1 of the climb, other than being wet and cold, was uneventful, fun and challenging. We had to give ourselves a pat on the back as we were told that it takes hikers 5-6 hours to do the first part (approx. 10,000 ft)…we did it in 3 ½.

Here I am displaying my serious moutineering skills..NOT! I was upright shortly after this photo

Favorite part of hike

By the time we reached the lodge I was an ice cube and being inside the lodge did not make things much better. The heat is not turned on until 8pm…it was 2pm. It was so windy and cloudy that it actually looked like it was snowing outside. We sat around wearing all the dry clothes we had with us, hats, gloves and numerous pairs of socks. Seriously, I don’t think I had ever been that cold.

Next morning (2am) we get up to the sounds of howling wind for the hike to the peak. Phil comments on my lack of moodiness…impressive!

Rude Awakening #5: 3:00am…we are advised that it is too windy and cold to go to the summit. We went all that way and could not complete the climb. I was so upset and I felt really bad for Phil as he loves this kind of stuff. I surprised myself by how disappointed I was!

Nothing else to do but head back to bed and wait to climb down around 8am. The climb down was much of the same…rain and wind. Oddly enough the climb down was so much harder and I was dead by the time we finished.

Finally it was time to head to the Shangri-La for some relaxing beach time with Val & Alex. This time Mother Nature was on my side and the weather was absolutely beautiful. It was unbelievable that we were in the same country.

We slept all the way to the resort and made quite an entrance upon arrival. We were both still so cold that we walked into the lobby in all of our fleece which by this time was caked with mud. Val is a Shangri-La VIP so we were treated the same way…there we were at the VIP check-in: unshowered, in fleece & hiking boots, wet and muddy. They were bringing us iced tea and cooling hand clothes which surprised me as I am pretty sure we looked homeless.

Sunset at Shangri-La

Won’t bore you anymore about the rest of the weekend but it was great. I sailed my first boat and went parasailing or is it paragliding??for the first time…Mother Nature cooperating the whole time.

Finally…Rude Awakening #6: I can barely walk! No joke. I cringe at the site of stairs! I am hoping some restorative yoga does the trick this evening.

I WILL climb that mountain!!

Love Me.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Yuck Mouth

Do any of you guys remember this guy?? He used to be on those little educational “commercials” on ABC between the Saturday morning cartoons. He would sing a little ditty “They call me Yuck Mouth ‘cause I don’t brush” Any recollection?

Well you can call me yuck mouth and I DO brush (3 times a day to be exact). I went to the dentist yesterday for the first time in Singapore and the results were NOT GOOD. Now I would not mind had I not made a dentist visit in years but I was an every 6 months visitor in NYC. Especially with my hillbilly bonding constantly falling out (this should have tipped me off that my dentist was a total quack).

So picture it, I am off to the dentist ready for an easy check-up and cleaning only to be told I have not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4 BUT 5 cavities!!! F-I-V-E! This was quite embarrassing as the conversation went something like this upon our first meeting:

Hello Miss….
Me: You can call me Jennifer
Dentist: Ok Hello Miss Jennifer
Me: [inside my head] actually just Jennifer…oh just let it go
Dentist: What can I do for you today?
Me: I am just here for a cleaning. My last dentist visit was in September (I must admit this was said with kind of an attitude)
Dentist: Ok lets have a look.
Dentist: oh…oh….oh… umm oh I just don’t know what to tell you.
Me: About?
Dentist: You need a lot of work. You have many problems
Me: Chuckle I don’t think so. I have never had a problem with my teeth
Dentist: these problems could not have developed since September.
Me: I swear that was my last visit..I promise (I actually had my hands clenched in a pleading position…all while wearing some protective tinted goggles..not a good look)
Dentist: (mirror in hand) Let me show you.

Sure enough I was able to see the “shadow of decay” she pointed out on each of the 5 teeth. As soon as I realized she was right I started to freak out. I thought I was going to be on the receiving end of 5 silver fillings and that my mouth would look like railroad tracks when I opened it. I was quickly assured that the fillings would match my teeth. WHEW! So 3 fillings later and $250 (actually not that bad) poorer. I walked out without a cleaning, two more appointments and a new nickname for myself…yuck mouth.

How could this have slipped through the cracks (no pun intended) with the other dentist???

NYer’s: STAY AWAY FROM CENTRAL PARK WEST DENTAL!! JennRob I think you go there too….find another dentist!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Tokyo Technology

I have said it once and I will say it again…technology scares me!

TOKYO - Cigarette vending machines in Japan may soon start counting wrinkles, crow's feet and skin sags to see if the customer is old enough to smoke.
The legal age for smoking in Japan is 20 and as the country's 570,000 tobacco vending machines prepare for a July regulation requiring them to ensure buyers are not underage, a company has developed a system to identify age by studying facial features.
By having the customer look into a digital camera attached to the machine, Fujitaka Co's system will compare facial characteristics, such as wrinkles surrounding the eyes, bone structure and skin sags, to the facial data of over 100,000 people, Hajime Yamamoto, a company spokesman said. With face recognition, so long as you've got some change and you are an adult, you can buy cigarettes like before.

Seriously, I would like to go, put my face in the digital camera and have them tell me how old my face is (that would be my real face not my other face).


For once in my life I am actually accomplishing a new years resolution…I am climbing a mountain.

When I returned to Singapore after the holidays, many conversations revolved around setting those pesky resolutions. Many years ago I just gave up on setting them as I never really followed through leaving me feeling like a loser. So my M.O. became “how can you fail when you don’t set out to do it in the first place???” I know, not much of a “winners attitude” but hey it made me feel better about myself.

Ok I am babbling…so on to this year. I kind of felt like a loser not setting some and after reaching the goal of scuba certification I thought what the hell I have always wanted to climb something so that will be my resolution and as of this Saturday I will be able to put a big TICK in that box!

Phil and I are climbing Mount Kinabalu on the island of Borneo. The total climb is 4,095 meters (13,435 ft) above sea level and its one of the 4 tallest peaks in S.E. Asia. You really don’t need fancy climbing equipment just some trekking boots (which I am not a proud owner of and which make my legs look like a professional football players) a backpack and some warm clothes. The hike itinerary goes like this:

Friday: 6:30am pick-up at the hotel
7:30am Hike begins
8:30am I start to get cranky (just kidding)
2:30pm Check in to the hotel mid-climb for the night.

Saturday: 2:30AM (yes you read that correctly AM) get ready to head for the summit.
2:31AM Me: F*ck resolutions
5:30AM (I think) arrive at summit and watch the sunrise
6:00AM me: God I hope I look good in these sunrise pictures. Note to self, must come up with “first mountain climbed pose” for pictures!
7:00 – 1:00pm descent
1:30pm Transfer to the Shangri-La Rasa Ria hotel to meet our friends Val & Alex.
1:45pm Wine in hand
2:00pm Sleep or spa. Not sure if my leg will want to be touched at that point.

Monday: Fly back to Singapore.

So there you have it. Keep your fingers crossed that I avoid killing myself!

Jeff I will make sure to take many photos of the indigenous plant life.

Yodel lay he hoo!

Thursday, May 8, 2008


I have been all about work lately and you know the saying all work and no play..yes makes Jenn a very dull girl. All this not having fun makes me think about NYC, you guys and all the fun I might be missing.

I got an email the other days from JennRob telling me that she was getting ready for the HealthCare conference and all the memories came flooding back! OH MY GOD! How much fun did we all have at that conference! The girls + booze +vegas = TONS of fun. Yes we worked our butts off but partied just as hard!

So many memories were made over the years

- bachorlette parties
- David/Todd/Will
- Niko – po-po-zow
- Late night incidents with trash cans
- Jeans
- All night drinking at the casino bar
- Post-conference pool with bloody mary’s and water aerobics
- The birth of big D and little D
- The introduction of Larry
- Event planners for strippers

God there are so many.

Here’s to the B girls! Miss you and JennRob good luck this year!


Friday, April 25, 2008

Only in India

What is the deal with India? First two faces and now this.

Take a look at the size of that child! He is 10 months old and 49 LBS, eats 20 times a day! For the love of god! And get this...the person holding the child if the MOTHER! Kid you not. I am desperatly trying to find a picture of the dad.

Think I am better off not having been to India yet. Who knows what will happen!!

Have a good weekend!

I love you the weight of this baby 10 time over!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

You asked for it...

Not the best photo but shows the costume. Here you go JB as Madonna -

Didn't really get the hair right but you get the idea.

Again I ask myself. Where has my dignity gone??

Oh and in response to Jeff's comment on the last post. Love that you wanted to be M too. Reminds me of the time when you sent me a dozen roses for Valentine's day with a card reading "I got the moves baby you got the motion..lets get together to cause a commotion" Was there ever a question??? LOVE YOU!