Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Nope not referring to the crowd pleasing drinking game…”what’s the name of the games…how do you play..” the temp really thinks I am crazy as I am slapping my hands on the desk….I am not kidding. I am referring to a new bar/club that opened here and that I had the pleasure of going to recently.

I didn’t have high hopes for this place as it is in the hotel portion of the corporate housing [project] that I lived in when I first arrived. I passed the flashing lights and video screens on my way home each night as they put the finishing touches on the bar but I had already moved out before the grand opening. Well I finally got to see the inside and it was cool. It was not so much the décor or music but the payment system that made it pretty cool and dangerous at the same time. No cash or credit is exchanged inside the club, rather your thumb print is taken upon your first order and given each time you need a drink. At the end of the night you are given your tab and have to pay at the cashier where two big, burly bouncers stand. I made sure my thumbs stayed very far away from that bar! I could definitely picture myself having one too many and making all sorts of thumb jokes/gestures and running up a million dollar tab in the process. I will however return for Thursday night ladies night where its free vodka all night! I am not a huge vodka fan but hey if its free its for me!

Speaking of ladies night, it’s a big thing here which is good for me…for now! The general rule here is you get free admission and then around 3 drink tickets but only if you are 35 or under!!!! Are you kidding me..since when if 35 old?? Don’t they know 35 is the new 25…have they not seen Sex in the City?? Well this 35 and under rule has caused quite a stir especially with the cougars ready for a night on the prowl (this is all said in jest as I am preparing for a life of cougarness [violins playing]). I honestly have never been proofed here so I am assuming those who really look older (one of the pictures accompanying an article in the paper was a woman of 57) have the problems with the door policy. So what do the over 35 set get…..reduced admission and 1 ticket…oh snap!

Lastly, some upsetting news to wrap up this entry….I tried to take a picture of the cows but there is a problem. You see they are encased in a protective plastic dome (picture snow globe – I think it a collectors item) and the flash creates a glare that hides their faces. I tried many different takes (at 11:00pm last night) and finally gave up. I need to see how I can turn off the flash so it may take some more time.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Hong Kong Debrief

Look at that title…see how business-minded I am now…all business lingo all the time. Sorry I have been out-of-pocket that last couple days hehe (that was for you Jeff). Ok seriously Hong Kong was fab-u-lous! I remembered really liking it last time I was here but this time it seemed different. I honestly think that a lot has to do with having been away from NYC for over a month now. My first morning coming to the HK office, I felt such energy, a NYC-type buzz. I guess that was lost on me last time coming straight from NYC. Singapore, although a city, is really slow paced, relaxed, tropical…like a sky line on fantasy island.

During my first meeting on Wednesday I was asked, “how do you like Hong Kong to which I replied “I really like it there is such energy blah, blah. He was like I will tell you the difference between Singapore vs. HK, HK = NYC/Singapore = a suburb. The analogy totally made sense which made me think “oh dear I never wanted to live in the suburbs, umm so basically I am a housewife living in the suburbs (minues the house and being a wife of course). After not liking the thought of this one bit, I thought well if I am moving to the other side of the world it makes sense to change my WHOLE living situation so living on fantasy island works for me. Happy again!

So I have had a lot of small world experiences over the last couple of months so what should make this trip to Hong Kong any different. Yesterday (Thursday) I was doing a little shopping and going to get my lunch when I spotted this guy that looked familiar. I kept on looking then he started looking at me like “hey that girl is checking me out..no wait..she looks familiar” so as we are about to pass each other we both stop and basically say at the same time “do I know you” seeing that we both asked the same question..umm yeah dumb asses you know each other. So we started to think and run through instances where we may have met. Being the boozie suzie that I am, I was like oh dear I really hope I didn’t make out (or worse) with this guy while wasted (note: he isn’t my type (cute) hence the wasted part) but then we determined that we knew each other from college…ut-oh just realized that makes the wasted make out more probable. Oh well. Anyway, we started chatting, he has been living in HK for 6 years and is moving to Singapore on Monday!!! New “friend”!!! Apparently he has a lot of friends in Singapore so even more new friends…good stuff.

As for the rest of the trip, I am sorry to report that it was uneventful. I had my business face on and stayed sober the entire week. Go me! Hey, there is still the free wine on the plane ride home. Speaking of plane rides..seriously Singapore Air is the best thing to ever happen to air travel. I flew here in coach and was expecting to be very disappointed b/c the business class service was so amazing but the service was exactly the same and the food rocked. Only difference was seat size. All those visiting coach or business you are in for a treat!!

One more thing I have to mention is the gym at the Mandarin Oriental…dude…my heaven!!!

Alright, I am boarding and back to Singapore, wish I had stayed the weekend..next time!

I hope everyone has a great weekend.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

On the Road Again....

Wanted to give you a heads up that I am heading to Hong Kong tonight for the rest of the week. As a result, there may (or may not) be a brief interruption in my blogging schedule. Rest assured I will be back in full blogging mode when I get back. I am a bit nervous for this trip as it’s the first time I am meeting with some “key business partners” yes, I am actually using phrases like that now. I imagine I will be doing a lot of brow furrowing, nodding and looking interested while wondering what the hell are these people talking about…(kidding Chena!) (a little).

Also, some of you have been inquiring about Mr. Slick…its official I am the worst stalker ever…no sightings! Perhaps I will sit next to a new Mr. Slick on the plane.

Have a great rest of the week.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Weekend Wrap-Up

This weekend was both sad and fun. As per previous post, Friday was my birthday and it was really tough, tougher than I expected. I was really sad and the total indifference shown to me by my direct co-workers (minus temp and Wendy) made me want to jump on the next plane home. I really am not being dramatic here, not one other person wished me a happy birthday (very cold) and it was obviously my birthday. So anyway, after having a totally emotional day at the office, I headed home cried some more and forced myself to meet some friends for dinner.

SD met me at my apartment bearing a card and a bottle of champagne so the night was looking better already. I explained the events of the day which she totally understood as she had the same experience with her local co-workers when she first arrived. So we headed off to meet the rest of the crew for many (many) drinks and some dinner. Below is a picture of our table and me "blowing" out the b-day candle. That is J in the picture great guy.

Needless to say after the day of feeling sorry for myself, I self-medicated way too too much and don’t really remember making it home at 4am.

Saturday was brunch with my friend Katherine and two potentials (potential new friends for me, what I like to call friend dating…I’ll explain more in a future post) some laying around and finally dinner with PH. We went to what is now my favorite restaurant in town Original Sin. Great vegetarian place in a great little neighborhood, Holland Village. Seriously amazing food! Having just returned from Hong Kong that morning, PH bought me humm…how do I explain this…I guess you would call it a table decoration. It is a solar powered thing with three cows on it and when the light hits the solar panel their heads move. Am I painting a picture for you??? Anyway it made me laugh and we kept it on the table the whole night. I was adament that we have a respectable evening but once he order a second bottle of wine I knew that idea was out the window. We ended the evening the way we ended last weekend with way too many margaritas and I am pretty sure I cried again…good times.

Sunday some pool time (here's the pool), new phone purchase and managed to unpack 3 more boxed. I am totally on schedule for my end of the month goal!

So that’s it. WARNING: I am about to get sappy. I am really lucky to have met some quality people here and people that I can actually call my friends but nothing can replace my family and friends in the States. You guys are everything to me and I actually do know that I tell you (mostly when drunk) but just wanted to tell you again. I hope I give you guys ½ as much as you give me!

Ok seriously….I’m a loser.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Happy Birthday To Me.....

Well it's official…I am now 33 in both Singapore and NYC (its 1:37 am in NYC). I was holding on to those last few hours where I was still a young whippersnapper of 32 back in the states. I will say that I am really missing home and all of my friends today. I do have some cocktail plans this evening but its just not the same with “new friends”. My friend Katherine just brought me flowers saying, "I thought you might be missing home today" at which point I started to cry. Good times!

So with that I am wishing myself a Happy Birthday and wishing you were all magically here to help me celebrate.

Ok as I am to finish writing this my next door neighbor, the temp and his temp friend just bought me a box of chocolate. He’s feeding my eating disorder! How sweet (literally) is that!!!

Also, I want to share a photo of the special birthday/new home gift that I received yesterday. Thanks Mish and Todd!! XO

Everyone have a great weekend and again MISS YOU.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


To give you an idea of the office environment here: _______________________<- that space right there represents the silence of this office. People really work here and work quietly they do. Coming from the office environment in NYC this is a HUGE difference. Note: In NYC I worked with 20 loud, funny, personable, wonderful women. Me being loud and personable myself, keeping my mouth shut all day proves to be difficult. Thankfully, I have this wonderful little male temp that has been seated next to me. I think he just graduated college [let me ask how old he is]… he’s 22. Anyway he has taken to my sudden outbursts quite well and I think he actually enjoys them (read: he’s the only one that laughs or answers back). Well I just had one and it went something like this:

Me: I just can’t stop thinking about food!
Temp: Do you want me to go get you something to eat?
Me: No I am not really hungry I just can’t get food out of my mind..chocolate especially.
Temp: maybe you should eat your apple (side note: its fruit day here which means every employee gets a piece of fruit)
Me: I already did
Back to silence
Temp [staring at his computer] hummmmm…..
Me: What?
Temp: Are you on a diet?
Me: I’m always on a diet
Temp: Oh… I think you have an eating disorder (dead serious). It says here (he was doing internet research on my non-stop thoughts of food) that if you are on a diet and can’t stop thinking about food you have an eating disorder.

Well there you have it. My freakish eating habits have been diagnosed by the 22 year old male temp (I can’t pronounce or spell his name).

While on the topic (food not eating disorders) I was watching my new favorite show last night, Asian Café I think its called. It’s on one of the Discovery channels so chances are you know what I am talking about. Basically this guys travels all around Asia and eats food.
Now theme restaurants are nothing new, umm fashion café, but this one was priceless…
Modern Toilet (Taiwan) a toilet themed restaurant. Patrons are seated on toilet bowls, eat out of dishes shaped like toilet bowls, napkins are rolls of toilet paper (spare a square??) and the menu is bathroom themed (gross). One of this dishes he ordered was bloody diarrhea soup (totally not joking) it looked really gross but apparently tasted quite good. You can top off your meal with some soft serve chocolate ice cream served in a toilet bowl. This picture does not do it justice. What was shown last night was priceless.

Still hungry....

Monday, July 16, 2007

Home Sweet (2 year) Home

Hey everyone! I hope you had a great weekend. I was very happy to read the comments on my previous post and see that the Brooklyn gang is accessible via email!! Woo-hoo!! I hope you are having a great time discovering lots of pirate ships and burried treasures. I just had a vision of chunk from Goonies...good stuff!
On to the move....it got off to a rocky start..with me getting in a fight with the front desk person at the hotel. It seems that my company did not confirm an early check-in upon my arrival at the hotel so, although I was checking-out two days early, they were personally charging me for the early arrival. I know, does not make sense to me either but there were all these rules about 30 day contract, seriously way too boring to go into. Faced with the idea of parting with $$ that could clearly be put to better use (drinking/eating) I had the brilliant idea to lie and be like "you know I should have been told I would be charged for this early check-in when I arrived!! To which the response was, "Miss Jennifer, you signed right here (finger pointing to what was clearly my signature) that you would pay when you checked in...DAMN these people are good...totally caught in a lie! I do remember signing that form but just assumed the company would pay. Well what is a girl to do in this situation....act like a bitch and storm off of course!! Rest assurred this is not over and I have taken this up with the relocation people.

Rest of the day was smooth sailing. Go to the new pad, (literally) dropped my stuff and changed to go meet people for drinks...not one thing unpacked after all I had all day Sunday!

Got home from Saturday night Sunday morning at 4am...

Sunday...champagne brunch, pool time, TV, sleep

Today....the only thing out of my suitcases are Sat. oufit, Sunday oufit, bathing suit, the dress I have on, my shoes and underwear and I had 24 more boxes from NYC delivered this AM....lets take bets on just how long will it take me to fully unpack??? I am really going to put in a good effort but I say end of month!

So here are some pictures of the apt. Jeff I really need your magic touch!

Front Door
Dining Room (door you see in the mirror is to the laundry room)

Above: Living room with closed curtains Next: What's on the other side of the curtains bummed that fountains are not on:

Bedroom with my new bedding can't really see the detail though and I have blue accent pillows. View the same on other side of curtains.
So now you can kind of get an idea of where I live. Missing are pictures of the kitchen and study area but it literally took me a while to get these pic in the right position so you'll see those rooms soon enough.
Hope everyone had a great weekend.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Moving on Up! (cue Jeffersons Theme)

Guess who’s moving this weekend.....ME! and I can not be more excited. Not that living in the college dorm they call corporate housing wasen’t a pleasant experience…2 TV channels, damp room, thin walls and the best of all my bedmate, Mr. Mosquito, who managed to find me under all the covers, bite my eye and have me looking like a pirate all day Thursday (arrrh!) to all of that I say see ya’ later! and hello… to this http://www.singaporeexpats.com/singapore-property-pictures/condo/river-place.htm. AAAAH just looking at it makes me happy. I think this new living situation will make me miss 203 Baltic a little (ok maybe a lot) less. I will def. post pictures of the new place once I get in…yes the camera is hooked up!

Actually here is a picture of the area I was in last night. Not very good pic as I am not sure how to zoom in but you get the idea. Its called Boat Quay and is a 5 minute was from my office. Good spot for drink (alot) and eating.

This weekend is shaping up to be a good one tonight movies (way too hung over to tink about drinking) I'm seeing http://blossomingofmaximooliveros.com/, tomorrow walk though of the new digs and my first waxing in Singapore (I know too much info) but you have to read the description of the boyzillian under services http://www.strip.com.sg/ are you kidding me right now??? If I see a man in the waiting room I just don’t know what I will do knowing what’s in store for him…good stuff! Later in the day some rugby watching (read as drinking) and then who knows...

Sunday..the official move in date! If all goes well, which knowing me it won't, I should be sitting by the pool by 2pm.

Hope you all have great weekend plans where ever you may be!

JM, SD, AP & KT have a great vacation!


Oh…no sighting of Mr. Slick today but I was looking!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Singapore Stalker

Don't be alarmed the Singapore Stalker is me.

For those of you who don't know, shortly before I left NYC, I had a session with a tarot card reader. It was my first time ever having this done and I was pretty skepitical. I vowed not to let on to anything that was happening in my life and see where she went. Anyway, as the session went on she started saying things that really made sense (moving, new adventure blah, blah) and although I am no poker face I truly just nodded and smiled.

Ok so on to the good stuff, when we got to the love/relationship/sex part (ie the good stuff) she said that I would end up (not marry but date) a tall, Indian guy with slicked back black hair. I was thinking thats funny "I will be traveling to India quite a bit" but then thought who still slicks back thier hair, Don Johnson???..not for me!!! This little fantasy did proved to be a source of entertainment for me and my friends.

Fast forward to today, I was headed out to lunch, I leave the building, make a left and all I see is the most beautiful guy I have ever seen....SERIOUSLY walking towards me. He was tall 6"2 no maybe 6'4" (believe me that stands out in these parts), dark skinned (I think Greek not Indian) and had slick backed black hair!! Let me tell you that style still works on some people! My knees literally went weak...seriously. We locked eyes, sidebar: I was feeling good with my new hair and my new dressand held the gaze until he we passed each other. I turned around and he went into my building!! We work in the same building!!

So...I am offically the Singapore Salker of the man with the slicked back black hair. The camera is hooked up and I am literally carrying it with me everywhere in the event of another sighting...oh that will impress him!

Stay tuned...

Donna Martin Graduates

To this....

That's right, if you have not heard already Tori Spelling has become an ordained minister. Here she is perfroming her first wedding ceremony and a same sex one to boot..you go Tori!

She certainly dressed quite sexy for a woman of the cloth.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Scene from the pantry....
Here’s the scene. It’s Monday morning approximately 9:25 am and I am preparing my second cup of coffee in the pantry when in walks another 18th floor staffer.

Chinese Co-worker (CCW): Good morning

Me: Good morning.

Co-worker: Did you have a nice weekend

Me: I did. You?

CCW: Very relaxing.

Me: (hand extended, biggest “I’m so friendly” smile plastered on my face) I don’t think we have met. I’m Jennifer I jus..(cut off)

CCW: We have already met, remember I came to your desk to introduce myself with ???? (not sure who she said here because I was trying to figure out how I can pretend that I remember). Silence..CCW waiting for a response. Uncomfortable…

Me: Silence. I just couldn’t make anything up I was totally caught.

CCW (I love this): Oh don’t worry about it..we all look alike. You will be able to tell us apart soon enough.

Me: [Nervous laughter] Are you kidding me that she just said that..was she joking or was she totally offended??

Who cares, I am over it. I vow to never be friendly in the pantry again that will show ‘em!

How was everyone’s weekend?

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

The Ho has Landed

Hello All!

Ok...so I landed 3 weeks ago but hey can you even believe I am posting!!

Happy 4th of July to all of you in the states. Today is the first day that I am really home sick especially after "talking" to my boozie suzie friends in Brooklyn.

Before I forget..thanks to all of you who helped me celebrate my departure in style. You guys rock!

Things are going really well so far and apart from being called fat at the gym...they actually said TOO MUCH FAT..I have yet to want to throw myself in the Singapore River.

Camera is not hooked up yet (surprise) but found a picture that can illustrate my morning commute.

I promise to post regularly.