Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Special Needs

Ok this is weird...blogging in NYC that is. Its just not the same when I can pick up the phone to call, see you at the bar or simply walk into your offices but I am going to give it go anyway because I have to tell you about an observation I made this morning.

I was in the shower at the hotel when I realized that I was in a handicap room. You would think I would have been tipped off a bit sooner by the roll-in shower, the two peep holes on the door (one loser for the wheelchair bound) or the big stainless steel bars by the toilet but nope all lost on me until now (almost a week later). Ok this may not sound like a big deal to you but I also just realized that I was in a handicap room in Hong Kong as well. That is two business trips...two handicap rooms! Now this has got me thinking " Did I mistakenly check the handicap box on my corporate traveler profile?? or do I look the type that has a fetish for the handicapped?? Who knows but I have to believe there is more to this than coincidence!!!

Alright gotta go my last Indian is leaving and I think I am going to take a power nap in my handicap room.


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

So Much to Say...

Hello everyone...sorry I have been so out of touch! Things at work have gone completly crazy..I long for the days when I was complaining I didn't have enough to do. Where am I right now?? I am standing at a free internet terminal waiting for my flight to Japan enroute to my final destination NEW YORK!!! I CAN NOT wait to see everyone. There is one thing I must say before I go any further..

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACKIE! Hope you are having a fab day.

The is a story from the last couple of days that I would like to share...Ijust completed my first conference here and thankfully it went well. During the first morning I realized that, like ther conferences I have worked on, not one person was sitting in the front row. It kind of made me laugh that this practice wasn't an American thing. I made a comment to the (local) secretary that was helpng me out that I thought it was funny that no matter where you go, nobody wants to sit in the front to which she replied...well its the 7th month of the chinese calender. I thought to myself is that supposed to mean something??? It was like she read my thoughts since the next thing out of her mouth was its the month of ghosts..the front row is reserved for the spirits... I thought she was kidding but I looked it up and its true..

There were ghosts at my conference...

Anyway,,,boarding gotta run. SEE YOU SOON!XOXOXOXOXOX

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I feel the earth move under my feet....

Just experienced my first earthquake. I am still at the office and I felt really weird and dizzy which I thought was just me then my screen started to shake and the boxes next to thing an announcement came on saying they were investigating the tremors....

Good times!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Gold Class

I have experienced one of my new favorite things….going to the movies GOLD CLASS! I have heard that this type of service existed in other cities besides Singapore but have never come across it in NYC or any other city for that matter.

Gold Class is the first class of the cinema. The tickets are $25 Sing dollars (about $15 US), once you purchase the ticket you are escorted to a waiting lounge with a bar and a pretty gourmet menu where you wait for the theater to open. Once the theater doors do open, you are escorted into a plush theater for about 30 people with these huge reclining chairs that almost turn into beds equipped with blankets. Good right well here’s the best part every two seats are equipped with a call button to order food, candy, popcorn and BOOZE!! I thought the service throughout the movie would become annoying but those slick servers slipped in and out delivering all sorts of goodies with not the slightest interruption. I had one hand on a glass of red wine and the other in some peanut M&M’s throughout the whole movie!!

One another note, the movie sucked (No Reservations) but the experience outweighed the suckiness.

I’m hooked…once you go gold you never go back!

Thursday, September 6, 2007


I had to rush right in and write about what I just spotted on my way to this I wish I took a photo Indian midget rocking a full on mullet in a jumpsuit!!!

Now that is something you don't see everyday.

More later.....

Chinese Double

One observation that I have made over the past three months is that a lot of people I know has a Chinese double. Seriously! I have found myself on many occasions walking down the street and saying that woman looks like my Aunt Sissy if she was Chinese or that is a total Chinese Henry Winkler. In my experience this has been mostly limited to woman (except the fonz) and now that I think about it woman in my family, my aunt sissy, my mother and my nana all have Chinese doubles (sorry Mel haven't spotted you yet)…perhaps there is something I should know??

It is really strange though and has become a little game I play when I’m out and about…SPOT THE DOUBLE. I am so mad at myself for not writing about this sooner as I know there have been so many and in the minutes I allow myself to blog I can not think of them!!

What brings me to writing about this today is that I had a game of SPOT THE DOUBLE in a meeting ….this girl was a total Chinese Molly Ringwald.

Can’t wait to spot my double….the Chinese JenniB

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

??? Update

Just read this on page 6...can this be the trio??

Also in Hawaii were Leonardo DiCaprio and Lukas Haas, who celebrated Tobey Maguire's marriage to Jen Meyer.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Welcome Fall and ??

Hey everyone.

I hope you had a great long weekend and bid the summer a fond farewell. I am very jealous of bidding the summer farewell as Fall is my favorite time of year in NYC. I love breaking out the sweaters and light jackets and just ejoying the weather and the weekends (especially in Cobble Hill). sniffle, sniffle. Please tell me me what you did to ring in the new season.

So over breakfast this morning I ran across this blind item on page 6 and for the life of me can not figure out who they are referring to. I am usually quite good at solving these but this one I am stumped. Help!!

WHICH Hollywood trio of friends is in trouble? One is on crack, one's on smack, and the other cheats so much on his wife that he single-handedly is supporting several hookers.