Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Have you ever....

Looked at someone and thought “what on earth made them buy that shirt”. Yes? No? I find myself thinking that a lot! Especially when I see adults wearing shirts with cartoon characters on them or sayings like “I’m a lot of work." Saw that one last night – she was lot of something except perhaps in shape (God I am mean!) Well I just experienced the thought again and this time it was a man is a blousy, short sleeved, washed out pink shirt that appeared to have bicycles sketched all over it. Honestly, that description is not doing it justice. I could not for the life of me image what drew him (no pun intended) to this shirt in the store and made him think “this will make a great shirt for work”


Jenni ”shallow” B

Friday, July 25, 2008

This is a long one but worth it

Hello all! Hope you are well and enjoying the summer...seeing that it is almost over. Seriously...where does the time go??
A lot has happened since my last entry: Michelle’s visit, trip to Jakarta, ‘MY BIRTHDAY!!! Ma, aka Estelle Getty’s passing.

First, Michelle’s visit was awesome. Given her current condition I had to rethink my usual bar-hopping weekends for a more sophisticated approach so we spent a weekend BBQ hoping and (where else would a married woman with child want to spend her weekend away) store hopping (sorry Mish).

The first full day of her visit, Michelle, Phil and I went on the same hike I did when I first arrived, you remember the one with all the monkeys?? I got Mish all pumped for prime monkey viewing only to be disappointed by not seeing a single one. I could not believe it..there were 100’s last time! Where have all the monkeys gone?? Instead we were treated to a parade of reptiles big and small..all kinds and honestly not that exciting.

After the hike we made our first grocery store stop.

Saturday night, Mish rallied and we headed to a BBQ where I lost all maturity and got loaded..

Sunday after a breakfast feast, we went to 2 grocery stores...Ok I am not addicted to food (wait let me think about that one..)but Sunday I planned to host a BBQ at my condo and as those of you who have been to my cocktail parties know..there can never be enough food! Now the problem here was one thing, I can buy the food, I can prepare some of the food but have I never worked a grill???...NO! By mid-afternoon I was beginning to think that this BBQ may not have been such a great idea…then like a beacon in the night Phil arrived armed with marinated shrimp, BBQ tools and the actual knowledge of cooking. So as I was following Kitty’s recipe for guacamole step by step on my computer (Thanks K...big hit) Phil had sliced, diced, blanched and boiled all the ingredients for the other dishes “I” prepared. Needless to say he manned the grill the whole BBQ if you are reading this...P you Rock!

So as a result of some good team work, the BBQ was a success. Michelle got to meet the whole gang (minus a few) for a very civilized BBQ. It was great! What is that line I always used in NY...I love it when my friends become friends with my other rules!

So after a not-so-sad goodbye to can I be sad when we are both so happy with our lives??? It was time to get ready.... for the celebration of my birth!!!

Wow..34..where has my life gone...oh please who am I kidding I act like I am 24…and forget the whole..I can’t believe I am getting so old” whine..the older I get the happier I get ...bring on 34. As in years past my birthday’s have been great because of my friends and family and this year was no different. Saturday was the birthday date and it was fantastic! Phil surprised me with birthday dinner at the top of the Fullerton hotel. The restaurant is really small and intimate and has an amazing view. I was surprised however when he suggested picking me up at 7:30 for dinner since we usually head out later but whatever. So we sit down, pop champagne and about 15 minutes in, fireworks start going off right outside the window. Being as anal as Singaporeans are, they practice their National Day celebration festivities like a month in advance (Mish remember the planes??) so here we were watching these incredible fireworks display..this explained the early reservations..good work P!

After a very romantic dinner..Piglet for 2 was the entrĂ©e of choice..we headed to the bar for some after dinner drinks. By this time I think Phil was no longer drinking in celebration of my birthday but to ease the pain of the rugby injury he suffered earlier in the day. His head was stepped on and he spent the day in the hospital getting 10 stitches down the side of his head. Of course he didn’t tell me until I got in the cab and saw his bruised eye..Odd thing was, earlier in the day I told him not to get hurt as it would ruin my birthday weekend..I am such a sweetheart.

Sunday I woke to a bag full of great presents then headed to the typical Sunday champagne brunch for 15 know the deal!

BUT even after all this fabulousness..I got really homesick by the end of Sunday night and cried (shocker right). All was fixed with some wine, homemade pizza and Sixteen Candles. lucky girl!

Ok real quick, Jakarta as I am about to board heading back to Singapore. Picture this...I had to cut the MC for the party since our budget was really was their 40th Anniversary celebration. Being that they never have events, there were really bummed and asked if I would be the MC being the sucker I am I accepted. As the word “sure” was coming out of my mouth, in my head I was like “WHAT ARE YOU DOING” to make matters worse, I had to dress in Indonesian garb..actually it was not that extravagant but still. I was so nervous it was ridiculous!!! Really the worst part was every time I was rehearsing the introduction of the host of the event, Rubi Bambang..I kept saying RUDY BANGBANG. Needless to say, all went well and I enjoyed a very large glass of wine after.

The hotel was absolutely beautiful where I stayed but experienced another first. When driving up to the gate of the hotel, there are two armed guards with a very large German Sheppard ready to inspect inside and under your car for bombs etc. When you are waved through, you then have to walk through a metal detector to get inside the hotel. This is a 5 star property!! Crazy.

Alright done but not before a moment of silence for Estelle [silence] I will never forget the first time I saw you on Hollywood Squares and you weren’t in the Ma character and thinking.."Wow she is really not that old..what a great actress.” Anyone agree?? RIP

If you have made it through...thanks for reading.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Coming Soon....

Booked...December 17th..

Count down has begun.

See you then!


Monday, July 7, 2008

Overheard in the Office...

Man 1 to Man 2...the only relaxation I am going to get today is the next 10 minutes in the bathroom...GROSS!

To make matters worse, I have a meeting with him in 15 and that is all I will be thinking about.