Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Total Eclipse of the Heart

Hello all! So today was the longest solar eclipse of the 21st century here in Asia -pretty cool huh?? Actually not really. The weather is pretty bad so you couldn't really get the full effect as the clouds were covering the sun and it has been dark all day. I wish it was the usual cloudless Singapore sky - now that would have been pretty cool.

I did have a giggle this morning as a very nervous, very new Asian reporter (woman) with a lisp was sent to cover the story for CNN. She was stationed in Shanghai amongst a group of nerdy eclipse chasers (who knew they existed???) and unfortunately the weather was not cooperating in Shanghai either. Well they kept going to her for updates and there was really nothing to see. Then the clouds started to move and the sun appeared as she was speaking and you hear "oooooo" from the eclipse chasers. She quickly put on her eclipse glasses (picture 3-d glasses) to take a look and the clouds moved in again. She took off the glasses a bit dejected and started to speak again and two minutes later "ooooooo" she put her glasses back on and sure enough clouds moved in again. Well this pattern went over about 5 more times leaving the anchor even more nervous and lispy.

Boy did it make me laugh!!

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